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Many thanks for your beautiful posts last week. Like the 6 – 8 columns . Each thumbnail is easier to see this way.

Never would have taken these mind-boggling road trips on my own, but had enough reasons as you will read. Gorgeous landscapes!

No cutting corners here! There is a stretch of about 5 hairpin corners in a row,
which took my breath away, because I’m not
a mountain driver,  and with people behind me
who didn’t want to slow down from 55 miles an hour.
I gripped my steering wheel tightly.


You know by now, I can’t say “No” to a tree!

You may not be able to  see it, but these trees on top
grow on these rocks!




Arriving at the parking lot, it started sprinkling, so I waited
till after hub’s visit to the doc to capture these gorgous flowering trees in front of the hospital.


This was a 5 week ordeal and took this shot after the surgery
for our adult kids to prove they didn’t need to worry
(because they did!).
Am glad it’s over. It started with 2 trips to the emergency room
a  month ago, then tests, test, more tests,
and eventually a surgery
with one overnight stay. As before, we each worked a
at the hospital at different times, so we are familiar
with the procedures.
Have to say, they gave him the royal treatment.
Three monitors, pulsating pads to increase
blood flow, at a small but effective hospital.
You can’t see it here, but it’s not a T-shirt
but a soft pad to pump in hot air,
to keep his body warm
since the temp. in the rooms fluctuate too much.
Every 15 min. a nurse was in the room.
The surgeon came and spent some minutes with me
to tell about how the surgery went.
The aftercare will take a few months, and hopefully
that will be the end of it.
Hubs couldn’t have any personal belongings, with him,
so after surgery I brought him his phone and Ipad,
so he wouldn’t have to listen to a TV and get bored.


For the ones who celebrate it, whether you call it :
a happy Easter or Resurrection day:)

My daughter brought these hand made Delft Blue egg
holders once  from a trip to the Netherlands
with a group of friends..




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19 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – APRIL EVENTS

  1. I do hope your husband is well and truly recovered by the time you read this, Jesh. I’ve had my father in hospital a few weeks ago for some serious surgery so I know how harrowing this can be (thankfully Dad is recovering well).


  2. Best wishes an a speedy recovery to the hubs and I hope that is the end of whatever was going on. I hated driving in northern California and I’m a fairly good driver (with a poor sense of direction). Beautiful flowers, we took a drive around town today and saw all sorts of things blossoming we hadn’t seen yet this spring. My sister’s car said “82” and last week I was still seeing snow clumps!
    Happy Easter to you and your family J.


  3. Am so glad your husband is on the mend. What an ordeal…I’m glad you could see the beauty in the trees and flowers even in that worrisome time. That drive to the hospital sounds frightening. I do drive, but don’t think I’d do well in those circumstances.


  4. You’d love the trees on the cliff next to our cabin. They somehow get enough water with roots embedded in the solid granite. They are firs, cedars and arbutus and grow to normal heights. In January I had surgery with a two night stay in the hospital. It was my first time so it was scary but all came out well. Healing takes a very long time though. i’m still having to curtail my activities,. – Margy


  5. beautiful pictures, and beautiful husband. Glad the surgery went well and he’s receiving good care. I wish you both good health!


  6. Very glad that he is over the ordeal and on the road to recovery. That header shot with the raindrops is magnificent.
    Egg cups, I use mine once a week!


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