Spring on the country side is probably one of the most gorgeous
and romantic Seasons.
FLOWERS and PLANTS come to bloom

Hubs captured this Azalea (?) at Hortus in the Netherlands
Floral Fri Foto , Fri Bliss




From my car window, between San Andreas and Sacramento
Sunday Best




A Mosaic of the display of staghorns in San Diego






Landscapes  are Green

Barns are open and cattle is out on the meadows
Thurs. Door, Sky Watch



Detail of this door, functional and pragmatic, no-nonsense,
but the cows don’t know that:)
Thurs. Door


After the sleepiness of winter is gone,
Spring stirs up many new projects

The county road stops here, so that’s why we
walk around to corner to get our mail!
According to the rule or thirds?
am not sure if it needs to be thirds on each side…
Photo a week



When I could not find Hubs on a renovation job( in Southern California), the ladder was a give away…:)
“Hey, are you Okay UP there?”
He responded, “Yeah, Nice and QUIET”
Tue Travel, ABC Wed.-Q



Are all my feathers in place?
Sat Critters



The water slightly stirring, but good enough for a reflection
Natur Donnerstag, Weekend Reflection, Sun Tree


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45 thoughts on “SPRING IS HERE TO STAY

    1. Thank you jewel! Loved you diamond story for Fri Frictioneers:)
      Don’t understand why your comment only showed up n the edit mode of the comments, but not among my post comments underneath my posts.

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  1. What a lovely selection of shots, Jesh! That undulating hilly landscape pic taken from your car window was my fave this week and I’ll feature it this week.
    Thank you for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


    1. That’s the strange thing with silence, it can be comforting and restful, but in other situations it can feel overwhelmingly lonely…


  2. I do love the old barn and scenery! Great image of the goose, too.

    Thanks for joining and making My Corner of the World a success!


  3. Jesh – love the shot between San Andreas and Sacramento – not what I usually imagine when I think of California! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


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