Time changes some things.
It seems less in nature than man made creations.

How we look at dilapidated buildings.
It doesn’t look like it,  but it’s a
very touristy town, Auburn, close to the
Gold Rush area  with about 10 galleries.
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Water flowing and changing its course with time.
Water drops evaporating in the air,
and never to be found again.
One Photo a Week, Sun Best




Smile, pink is not anymore considered a feminine color.
Unexpected beauty  in-between the doctors offices.
Weekly smile,  Floral Floral Foto, Fri Bliss,
Unexpected Beauty, Natur Donnerstag



Hands making anything right now is greatly valued
whereas in previous centuries, the mind was valued
much higher. Birthday girl chose home made
doughnuts to be her birthday thing with
undoubtedly more than one smile!.
Makro Tex: hand, Weekly smile



What’s missing here? A broken tree seems more okay,
than a broken up roof!
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Sunset Clouds are timeless
ABC Wed.-S, Sky Watch



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40 thoughts on “TIME CHANGES THINGS

  1. Indeed it does ….. but still, the sun comes up every day, over and over again

    Thank you for responding last week… I am getting there one step at the time…. the first 4 months of this year were a disaster

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)


  2. We have the art and wine places here in our area too.
    And I like the photo of the doughnuts – a nice action shot with lots of intrigue and color


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