All photo taken in the Netherlands, most of them by hubby,
except the one of the restaurant is in Italy.

According to hubby, on the left of the white part it’s undoubtedly a door.
He went into an explanation
I didn’t understand, but allez, I believe him
since he knows about buildings, and I nothing:)
Thurs. Door


Thinking the above  was too minimal of a door presentation,
so added this view in Italy of a door and
gate/opening in the building in the back
Thurs Door


Flowers everywhere. The tulips are also blooming
in April/May.
Taken in Hortus (a Botanical Garden), Groningen

A treasure for the storks – a platform at several places
for the storks at the Open Air Museum
close to  Arnhem. Dutch little kids are told
that babies are brought by the storks!
That means that storks are immensely
important birds!
Sat Critters, SunTree, ABC Wed. treasure

No post from the Netherlands without a windmill:)
Asked hubby what kind of windmill this is.
This is what he told me.
The bridge to the right indicates  this is a windmill
that scoops and moves water to another place
when the water level somewhere is too high.
Of course the WIND is the actual power source.
One Word Photo: power

Working with wood (at the windmills) can be messy!
The logs seem pretty straight !
Makro-Tex: Messy,

Weekend Reflection. Wordless Wednesday

Views of a golden sunsets, last time in Holland,
putting this California fan to shame:)
Sky Watch


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44 thoughts on “ACROSS THE POND

  1. Beautiful shots, Jesh. I had to do a bit of hunting around to find your entry as the link you supplied was incorrect 😦
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


  2. Good to see they provide storks with nesting perches. I remember paddling on the Willamette River in Oregon and seeing perches for osprey to keep them away from power lines. – Margy


  3. Nice photos. I’m not sure what it is about old windmills, but they are very cool. Most of the ones I see were for milling grain, but if half of your country is below sea level, I’m sure you have a lot of them to move water….


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