If you wonder why I ditched the spaces between my images, –  happened to be on my I-pad, checked the All Seasons meme/challenge, and “they” put 5 advertisements in between my images  and underneath 2 more.  Grrr.

Getting out on a rainy day to Old Folsum,
I stepped out the car while Hubs was fiddling with something,
I saw this old and used train displayed.
Sun Best: old, ABC Wed. – U


I thought, most trains have doors, lol
Thurs. Door

Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss

When it’s no weather to play outside, why not inside?
Just as much fun! Try it on!Brings a smile to my face.
Makro-Tex – White,  Weekly Smile

Natur Donnerstag. Sky Watch, Sun Tree, Wordless Wed.


Something of the wall at the doc’s office to indicate it’s truly a reflection:). Hubs is out of the woods now! For you who don’t know that expression, it means he is cleared medically, no more meds. or blood work,
or check-ups, Hurray!
Weekend Reflection


As you can see, spring rain also comes  with good things, like happy endings.
This young woman is very connected to my family and sets out
for college.Have no doubt she will become a musician!
Thursday Photo a week


One Word Sunday

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  1. Lovely selection of photos, Jesh and I really like the old train! As far s ads go, nothing in this world is free, they say, and of course this is extra true for “free” online apps…


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