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Wouldn’t it be relaxing to sit in  – what I call this High Water Chair, at the beach of Corona del Mar?

This is a more personal experience  about what I have loved doing, even next to providing therapy over the years.  Being able to have a look into someone’s life, and steering them in the direction of their gifts.

A window detail in the Chinese Garden
of  the Huntington Garden

This means to me more than accolades of success about what I have reached personally, or having lived comfortably.


Have known her since she was a baby.
She visited my house often, also to do art.
I taught her and her mom to knit. She now knits mind
boggling things that could be in a magazine!
She has been playing the piano for years, and yesterday
received an invite for her high school graduation
and has already been accepted at a college
to study music. Mentoring is very rewarding .


Incredibly -almost white Cacti – in the Huntington Garden

Kelly , here standing with her dad, to buy some candy,
was so fortunate to have a mom who believed me
that she had talent even as a young child, younger
than 5 years old.  She made sure Kelly had art lessons
all through out her elementary well as in
high school. A few years ago she was staying at my
house and could not stop sketching and drawing
when she saw my stack of biographical books
of artists. It may take her some years to find
her exact niche, but I’m sure she will find
the direction in the art she loves.

Iris in Huntington Garden, Pasadena, CA

This student I met and later became a teacher. He wrote
me an email this Mothers day, thanking me for my part
in the process of helping him become the person
he is now. He is married and has three children.
I have not included his photo to protect his privacy.

Hope you have something you LOVE to do? it could be fishing, sports, cooking ….anything?



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  1. One thing I have enjoyed doing during my many years of being a University academic, Jesh, is nurturing young, fertile minds, planting seeds of knowledge so that they may bear fruits of wisdom. Nothing better than seeing past students of mine in the street and having them stop to say hello and thanking me for being a “good teacher”, where all I did was show them what they themselves were capable of.


  2. Photography is my thing, as you can see from my blog this week. Retirement gives me so much more time to indulge my passions. And hopefully help someone along the way too. Have a great week.


  3. It is wonderful that you have mentored many with such success! You must be proud of those young ladies. I feel like I’ve helped to encourage my grandchildren to love reading, just as I did their parents,and I’ve also encouraged them all to draw and paint and express themselves artistically.


  4. No more candy for me and I don’t really miss it (for the most part). That cactus does look white and very pretty. I guess that’s as good a place as any for a lifeguard chair. Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day Weekend.


    1. Thank you! I would not be surprised if you are one who likes to mentor! It’s only in looking behind sometimes and realizing ing what it has meant to someone, in the reactions I have received:) Have a fabulour seek!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Up early due to jet lag!

    I have mentored in the past and would like to do it again. Needing a new challenge and would love to find an “intro to art” type of course to learn more about the true artists of our times to get a better appreciation when viewing them.


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