Mysterious – what is behind these doors?
A side view of a Wall with all these
back alley doors with screens,
because it was a (car) drive-by in Italy!
Nothing is more satisfying than
going to a new region,renting a car.
Seeing the sights puts a smile on my face:)
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Another Back Alley door, on this side of the pond
Wonder what a Fire Riser is – anyone?
Thurs. Door



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From what can be tracked, my forefathers were probably
Hugenots,  who fled from France  to Holland
(Netherlands) during one of the religious persecutions.
Then settled in one of Holland’s colonies,
Indonesia, where my grandparents were born.
My  mother told me that several members
of the family had musical and artistic gifts.
Still many mysteries about the location in France
This is  the Hugenot Cross.
One Word Sunday – Size

The mysteriousness of a pond in the Huntington Garden in Pasadena.
Natur Donnerstag, Weekend Reflection


Which direction does one go in the sky?
Sky Watch. Makro Tex


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  1. My Mum does a lot of family history (apparently she is up to 13,000 different people now on our family tree!) and I know there branches of Huguenots in it. They seem to have been dispersed around the world over the centuries. I did have to look up what a fire riser room was!


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