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How I enjoyed your Seasonal outings and details of last week.
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Now this weeks post

Not only colorful tiles, but this is a fountain where the water flows over the tiles.
They use this place often for weddings.
Sorry, too dark to see the water.


Time for iced drinks and a pause. Me and hats are friends.
Have at least 15 good ones. You see the glasses (spectacles)?


Time for parasols and patios – I love it!


Interesting how the colors change as the blooms
in my back yard progress from bud to full bloom


To see the crowns of these palms this close by,
means these are dwarf palms!


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  1. Jill Harrison says:

    We have had a long hot summer and autumn, and it has only just begun to rain, but your flowers and cold drink made me wish for the sun! Have a great week, and thank you again for the linkup.


  2. riitta k says:

    Lovely phtoos Jesh. That turquoise fountain is so beautiful! Wishing you a happy & sunny day!


  3. Jackie says:

    Raptors! Our team is going to game 5 in national basketball against your Oakland Golden State Warriors!


  4. I like that fountain very much.
    Thanks for hosting, dear friend and have a great week!


  5. jammy7000 says:

    That iris is magnificent, Jesh!


  6. Jeanna says:

    Do they have that delicious looking drink in decaffe? I might have to make my own but yum, now that’s all I’m going to think about until I have one. I believe that we’re both appreciating sitting outside on patios and watching the summer unfold.


  7. It’s warming up! I have been wearing my hat a lot of late and it’s going to be getting a workout. It’s hotter and brighter up here.

    I love your palm fronds and that drink!


    1. Junieper2 says:

      Interesting that it’s hotter, since you are at a higher altitude, or are there less trees around your property?
      Stay cool:)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. There are less trees around my property. Lots of sagebrush though.


  8. With the high temp today, I’m imagining myself dipping my toesies in that fountain. I enjoy a good hat, too. Still looking for a sun hat that will live the rest of my life with. 🙂 Oooh, red iris. I’ve yet to see one in person. Stay cool up there, Jesh.


  9. Jackie says:

    June is a wonderful month. I love hats too and was just thinking I should buy a few more.


  10. Ice dinkks are always wonderful in the summer. My favorite right now is passionfruit ice tea with two pumps of sugarfree vanilla syrup and two packets of stevia along with a splash of coconut milk.


  11. Such lovely photos! June is one of the nice ones 🙂


  12. Debbie Smyth says:

    June is looking good!
    It’s rather more variable over here, but at least nature is being blessed by water! That said, I found a great splash of pink on a day that the sun did shine!


  13. Carol says:

    Great images this week – love the pretty iris!


    1. Junieper2 says:

      The sun made it look more tomato red, but the real color is actually leaning more to fuschia and purple! An inheritance of the previous owner of the house:)


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