Am finally catching up
and in time this week!

The variety of clouds make it a painter’s sky
above the hills. No the horizon ‘s not crooked.
It is the ascent of a hill:)
Sky Watch


“Drytown welcomes WagonTrain,” the banner says, which is
Xenial (friendly relationship)
ABC Wed – X
Two doors on upper story, and one door on left
(Under the sign Antique) of ground story.

Thurs. Doors and also a door
behind the clock image at the end of this post!




Oil, 11 x 15 inch San Diego Harbor, © St Germain

Talking about Perspective. A few posts down you saw in
essence  a similar perspective,: a top-down view
which was a reflection, HERE.
This one, a straight top down view
in the harbor of San Diego.
The atmosphere in my little plein air, reminiscent
of Edward Hopper, living mainly in the first half of
the 1900’s. Some of the recognizable connections
with him are the stilted awkwardness, and the heavy
shadows (here much less heavy ). Reading up on
him, even though his paintings are of American
life, part of his heritage is Dutch! J
ust this discovery puts a smile on my face:)
One Word Sunday:Perspective, Weekly Smile



Actually took my makro lens out
for this one. Easy to step
on this Tiny one in my back yard.
Sun Best,
Pink Sat.





Speaking of Tiny :
adopted and  created
by one of my grands:
how to get Funny
Mr. Tiny Pepper to walk?
Makro-Tex: Having Fun, Sun Best.
Say Cheese











Evening Hydrangea –  on the side of a restaurant patio.
Love how the camera picks up the light
while not even on the night setting!
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss


Last two images also for Photo a Week

Store in evening. It’s Sacramento, but they are not used to
photographers. While taking my shot,
immediately someone came walking to the front:)
Town mentality where I still can leave my purse in the car.
Weekend Reflections, Photo a Week


Evening clock and Doors
(also a reflection seen on the door).
The night sky is darker than this,
but wanted to show the time on the clock
in Roseville , CA
Thurs. Door, Photo a Week



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