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News from the Forest!
Hubs has seen baby-deer and baby-turkeys in our yard
The forest is turning into a nursery room:) Sorry no pics of the babies!
Happy Birthday to our son, who was born on Fathers Day:)

Such a pleasure driving around and see the growth of the vineyards.
Good that civilization is not too far off, otherwise we may grow
into these forest gnomes.


One of the strangest things has to do with one of the
consequences of living in the forest.
They have hardly any provisions  here for excess  garbage.
To partly remedy that, they invented  “burning days.”
It means on specific days you can burn your leaves a
and needles, with certain safety specifications.
They drive around the neighbor-
hoods, to make sure everyone abides by the rules,
because one spark can burn down a whole forest!



Crepey appearance reminding me on Hibiscus. …
(this flower was not seen in the forest)



Going regularly to the studio keeps me
in shape with these ascents, and the steeper stairs in the front.

Do you see, the wood stack is almost totally gone?
Other strange looks when city friends find out Hubs
has a chain saw (they saw too many of the
weird movies, lol) and cuts our own -free- wood for the
wood burning stove. The chain saw was worth
the expense,because by now he has
cut up 7+ tree trunks of 60 feet for 5 winters.



Overall though, people can’t get over the sky views and sunsets,
the deer and other critters we see daily.



Not to mention the wildflowers, everywhere in between – a macro capture in our yard.


HAPPY FATHERS DAY for the ones who celebrate it.



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  1. It is so dry this year we already have a burn ban in place for small fires and barrel burning. Campfires are still allowed but great care needs to be taken. My guess is that a ban will come right after Canada Day on July 1. In the city, burning of yard waste is only allowed in October and April. Outside of the city burning is allowed as long as bans are not in place. – Margy


  2. I love the critters and wildflowers, and that walk up from the studio several times a day would be good for the bod!

    I hope J. had a nice Father’s Day.

    I saw another post of yours where you were talking about mixing up the color Indigo. I looked in my 1500 Color Mixing Recipe book by William F. Powell for their recipe for Indigo. Do you have this book? Another artist friend told me about it and it’s come in handy!
    Anyway, for Indigo the recipe this book says to use a mixture of permanent blue, white, and a speck of alizarin crimson for the darker version there’s another recipe for a lighter version.


    1. Sorry, that post as accidentally published, so I put it back in draft:).
      Wanted to change the text completely.
      My roots speak here:) In Holland you do everything from scratch. Some even make their own paint from powder. So I wouldn’t even consider a color mixing book. About Indigo though, there is a greenish haze/tint over it (that is the raw sienna). Indigo is the kind of blue they use in batik (working with wax in fabric).
      Indigo in the lighter version should come close to teal. With Powel’s mix it would lean to purple.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. While our Country Fire Authority organises back burning in forested areas, Jesh, burning of garden rubbish, branches and leaf litter is not permitted. People are encouraged to compost it, or alternatively the councils pick it up as “green rubbish” and they convert it to mulch and compost.


  4. Mr Linky seems to be having some hiccups. The outdoor burning reminds me of my childhood when there were no restrictions and we could make a big pile of leaves for a bonfire out in an open area. Usually we simply burned them along the road.


  5. oh, I would love to live near the forest, I find it so peaceful walking there. Have a lovely week, enjoy spring!


  6. My favorite thing this time of year are the wildflowers although it dropped about 15 degrees yesterday from the day before and I was stuck in short sleeves and shorts. On the other hand, Cheeseheads have been known to wear sandals and shorts in much cooler weather. It’s great you’re getting into the studio but I avoid the stair work out whenever I can (bad knees). I think the idea of woods people like yourself turning into gnomes would make a great movie! Happy Birthday to your son and have a good week, J.


  7. That surprises me given the danger of uncontrolled fires. However, I am sure those who practice this are careful. Happy Father’s Day to your loved ones. Oh, my daughter was sitting on our island in the photo last week. The island is huge and made of granite. The little ones like to sit on it and help me when I am cooking. Have a great week.


  8. The shot of the man involved in his ‘Burning Day’ job is wonderful ❤︎ Happy Sunday & new week ahead. Lots of love from Finland, riitta.


  9. Dearest Jesh; Oh, “burning days.” must be fun for me, won’t be possible here (*^.^*;).
    Lovely to have glimpse of you nature. Have a wonderful weekend and new week♪
    Thank you so much for hosting and comments, Lots of Love from Japan, Miyako*


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