Open the doors for Snooks chocolates and ice cream
-some awesome flavors! –
since 1963 in Folsum, CA.
Aren’t chocolates are always in fashion?
For sure they always make me smile!
Thurs. Doors, One Word Sun: Fashion,


The inner workings  of an artist corner
Always  with a lot of gear
Am working steadily on it  –
finished by July 10 for a collective
art show in South California
to be creative is  not a method!!
Sun Best: Interior


In a Californian summer, you would like to look up the shade!
As a painter even more, since in the sun after
some time, everything is seen as white. One of my painting
spots next to the huge and gorgeous Yosemite waterfalls.
The Fall is roaring and even here – 200 feet away –
I am hit with water drops !
(hubs is a finished carpenter and his measurements are pretty accurate).
Makro-Tex: midsummer, ABC Wed: Yosemite Nat Park, Sun Tree




90 Days of Summer or Winter
with a photo that does not fit anywhere:)
Linky list open WEEKLY
Tue  – Wed.(Monday -midnight)

Sometimes  I like to say or show
something that does not fit in any meme,
theme or challenge
– or, think it does not fit anywhere.
ONE RULE- give it a title or say “what” it is –
Not anything a 5-year-old cannot watch!
Can be out of archives
No rules for meme-owners

Some possibilities, if you draw a blank
-Something of the past,
-odd size
-at the time it was cute, funny or noteworthy
-other things or events I just took  one image
-something you made, baked,
-anything not finished



Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss, FOTD



Pond in the Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA
Weekend Reflection, Nature Notes



Summer means many sunsets. This looks like a dive:)
Sky Watch


JOIN the FUN of sharing your Experience
of your “season”

with ONE photo on the Linky List Sunday – Friday
in the ALL SEASONS post


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  1. It’s a cold, dark Winter’s night here in Melbourne, Jesh, so lovely to get into a Summery mood in your blog…
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


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