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Whenever  looking for a nice place to set up my easel for
a plein air, (which means, standing in the shade)  I find
everything else, often very beautiful things, except
what I came for, haha. A common problem for painters:)


Boats in Waiting, Southern California Beach



Trying to find the right spot, and the right angle when painting in Yosemite Nat. Park



Oh, I love to stand by the run-off river of
the waterfall Bridal Veil in Yosemite Nat. Park,
except it’s kind of chilly and wet when you
stand still, painting for a few hours.,
even with 85 degr. F weather.



This cute dwarf palm in Balboa Park, San Diego



And look this unusual orange flower stalk beneath it!

Did I eventually find a good spot to set up my easel and paint?
Yes, after an hour, or longer:)
And you think you have problems finding
a great photo item or scene? (joking)
I know all about it:):)



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14 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – SUN AND SHADE

  1. I think painting the moving water is a great challenge, whether breakers at the seashore or cascading waterfalls. Sorry I was late for the party. I have my reminder set for Saturday instead of Sunday so need to fix it!


  2. It’s almost like I can hear the water bursting over the rocks. Splash! Splash! We’re hiking in Big Sur tomorrow, I hope we come across a waterfall. Splash, splash! Cheers, Jesh!


  3. Beautiful shots. Glad you took your camera with you on the plein air outing. I would have to have shady spot. I don’t mind the heat but direct sun just wilts me.


  4. I’m sure outdoor painting is much harder and you still have all the painting stuff to lug around, I can’t imagine that and taking photos too. I love the orange flower, especially with the spider web on it.


  5. Yes, those shadows in late afternoon can be quite annoying. Wish I had the interest to go out early in the morning. I am always up very early, but the idea to get dressed and head out alludes me.


  6. Great shots of sun and shade. The waterfalls of Yosemite Park must be breathtaking. I’m just reading an artist biography where she paints ‘en plain air’ – the same problems as you, over a hundred years ago!


  7. Nice collection of sunny and shady spots for the occasion.
    In fact, I find sun and shade both quite strange and difficult to handle sometimes. On dark and cloudy days I am often longing for sun. And then, when it’s summer and the sun shines all day long, that can be so tiring … Some darkness and shadow can be so welcome then … 😉


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