Dear All Season Bloggers,
The link this week is open from Sunday July 7 to Friday July 12- noon, Pacific time

Wow, thank you for hanging with All Seasons last week! It felt chaotic, so your extra grace was really appreciated!! And some linked a second time, to include their post. – You are awesome!
It was encouraging to see All Seasons means so much to you.
Upcoming Sunday I am in Southern California to participate in a artist show. Since my Ipad does not link that well, I will skip next week All Seasons. Should be back  Sunday July 21.


Dusk already!
On our way to  birthday boy’s dinner,
we got lost in the maze of  the open air
mall pathways. Luckily we had birthday boy with us,
so he conferred with his mom on the cell phone
how to get us to the right restaurant.
It was dark, but lightened it somewhat in PS
to show the water streaming down.



Singing for his birthday:) Talking about male bonding!
It is not mockingly meant,
I think it’s wonderful. In many cases men are better friends.



At the end of our scrumptious Mexican dinner,
there was a run on the bathrooms.
After this, in a run to get out
and have our desert ice cream at the Snooks
store. Mommy dear forgot about her
salad she had not even touched.
I called out, “Take home  the salad!”
Always hungry birthday boy, responded,
“I’ll eat it tomorrow for lunch!”



After dinner we took a stroll and
two of these  metal leaves benches were
around another  fountain.
By now it was dark.



Christmas in July is an expression
when you receive a totally unexpected –
sometimes over the top – present in July
that could have been a Christmas gift.
That is where these pretty lights
at night reminded me of.
(You may be aware that in California many
things are over the top, haha).

How do you like to to spend a summer evening?


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  1. What a lovely summer you’re having Jesh. And enjoy your time off. (That will give me some time to catch up with posts I missed in over a month while we were away.) I had to laugh at your grandson having his phone to guide you to the proper place. When we met our grandkids in Vienna they used theirs to find places, times, everything … and back and forth about what time we’d meet them etc. How did we ever survive all those years without smart phones?


  2. We have had a birthday boy in our family last week too, and he arranged a fabulous big weekend away with family and friends. Despite the wet weather we all enjoyed it.


  3. A summer evening is wonderful in our garden, Jesh. There are some very fragrant flowers, a place to watch the moon in the sky and comfortable chairs to relax in and listen to some quiet music playing in the background.


  4. Great to see these wonderful evening photos, Jesh, and it looks as though everyone had a grand time at the birthday do. Best wishes for the exhibition!


  5. Our evenings have been too hot and often wet, so we get out very early instead. Hope the earthquakes are over with. We had a catastrophic explosion in a shopping center in our County but so far no one was killed and most of the 20+ injuries were relatively minor, almost unbelievable considering it was mid-morning on a busy Saturday and so many people were there.


    1. Thank you for thinking about me in this way.!Just the day before, we had decided to take the coastal route towards Los Angeles. Otherwise we would have had to pass, where the epicenter was.
      Actually we heard of the earthquake in the weekend from our neighbor, who works in a bigger town, otherwise we would not even have known about it (that’s how high up the mountain we live!)


    2. PS The earthquake is too far away to have any impact on Los Angeles (we might feel a few tremors with aftershocks of the actual earthquake. So no worry, remember- Californians are used to earthquakes! As long as no people are effected, life soon goes on.

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