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Church Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.
Known for heather fields, not far from where
we lived last in this country.
Now my niece and family lives in this mid size city.
Look also at the windows above the door. It  looks
like or original glass part would have been much larger?
Thurs. Doors, Tue Travel


One moment longer in Europe, or rather with the settlers
of Denmark in California, in their “Solvang”
with their all time favorite  replica of the Little Mermaid.


Oil, 24 x 36, Fear No Evil, © St Germain

My latest Creative Endeavor last week.
This is the second canvas I spent on this
subject and was  one of the three paintings
shown at the Art Show in Laguna
Niguel in Southern California. Usually I do not have
this much trouble to display a subject
in a way it will speak to people. As you may suspect,
these kinds of paintings I do not paint for my own pleasure,
but to give expression of the specific ways of the Creator.
He is with us, even in the valley of death (Psalm 24)
Interestingly, I finished this painting 1 or 2 days before
the 7.1 earthquake near Bakersfield. More
about some of the meaning this painting ,
** read at end

The Creator is so determined to defend me
Even in the valley of death, I will fear no evil
for your staff (guidance) comforts me.
Without a doubt your goodness
and mercy will follow me
all the days of my life until
I will live in his house forever.
Sun Best: Art, ABC Wed-C



Delicious and Beautiful colors
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss, FOTD,


Like wise, the colors are delicious, as well as a
decadent taste! On one of the grand’s birthdays.



This was a cool contrast of the dark reflection  of the dark tree
surrounded by the light color of the grass as well as
the light blue of the sky  in Hortus by
Groningen, the Netherlands.
Weekend Reflection, Sun Tree



Definitely a floating effect in our sky here.
Sky watch,  One Word Sunday




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My 90 Days of Summer tidbit:

Last week we saw and drove on many free ways.
What is is ill-fitting on this off ramp above us, is
the antique texture given to it:):) It will be some years
before this is “antique!”


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**Remember, David was a shepherd, before he became
a king. We may not associate  jealousy with “evil”  – but it is!
Many were jealous at David. He battled jealousy, that kills or cripple
(Saul, the current king tried that, and even
David’s own son not only tried to destroy his father’s
reputation, but also tried to kill him). Jealousy can be ugly,
and we should confront or expose it as such.

24 thoughts on “BACK IN THE SADDLE

  1. Hi Jesh,
    Great photos but I particularly loved your painting both in terms of the powerful subject matter but also how you mix the white in with the bright blue. It’s very striking. I need to have more faith and put more trust in things working out okay. get a bit jaded at times and want the safe, certain and guaranteed, especiallywhere my kids are concerned. It’s alright for me to take risks but i want them safely in the nest. That siad, I’m encouraging them to get out and explore the world. Yet, there’s that tension.
    Anyway, the tension between staying up late and going to bed has been broken and it’s time for some shut eye.
    Good night and best wishes,


  2. Beautiful church, lovely sky, and I like your painting. Wish you hadn’t shown me those donuts. I have a weakness for them! Have a great weekend.


  3. Your painting and the verse you chose to go with it are perfect together. Lovely images and thoughts there. The photo of the church in the Netherlands is exactly how I’d imagine a church there would look. Interesting post all around.


    1. Thanks Alley! I prepped this one before the art show, because I always come back with loads of artistic projects on my mind, having nothing to do with blogging:):) And what do you know, one who left a comment actually knew this church:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. How interesting and humorous! Hope it’s a good church. Should have investigated if I could have photographed the interior! I was there down town, and wished I had bought the top I saw in one of the shops in the same street! Clothes except for jeans are a little lower in price than in the USA.:)


  4. I like the way you caught the lines and curve of the freeway ramp and how the cars look like ants compared to it. That photo may also be an interpretation of the valley of death. That’s very cool that you exhibited your painting. You go, Jesh!


    1. Thank you Dan – I expected that of a father of an artist:) The message is more important than even the style/approach – that’s why I spent a second canvas on this!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you blog friend! Smile, you are at the wrong post for All Seasons:):) If you can’t remember how to navigate around her, type in: http://thejehsstudio.wordpress. Then you will see all my latest posts. Click on the image for All Seasons – July Delights, and please put in one of your wonderful images of the deer between the flowers.Your friendship and weekly presence at All Seasons is much appreciated:) Have a lovely week!

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