Hello All Seasons bloggers,
How is the season treating you?  the first part of the year was a season of waiting and feeling a change of direction Finally have the feeling things are coming together, but cannot verbalize precisely what it will look like. Clear as mud?? For sure, one item has to do with art..

It was truly a delight to read your fantastic posts and view your beautiful and creative images! You guys/girls rock:)

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It has been four years I was in Solvang, California, and came back with a sun burn!
Usually I come back from an art show brimming with creative ideas, and this time it was not different:)

In the Southern part, one of my favorite places in California is the stretch of Santa Inez, Solvang, and Santa Barbara. Yes, it’s traffic y, but there are many specific things you can find and eat.

Solvang has become  more of a Scandinavian town,
rather than specifically Danish. On this corner to
the right, where all the people stand in front,
you find this below.


A Swedish Candy Factory

Making giant candy sticks, reminiscent of a candy cane
by hand. Many were looking, but found a place
in between to take my shot:)

They like to preserve the old in Solvang.


Between Solvang and Santa Barbara there are these
chocolate colored hills.
They’re this color, no matter which season!
On out way to our next destination.
this view we passed is close to Cachuma Lake (close to
the area where Oprah Winfrey has one of her estates).


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  1. Your pictures of Solvang are delightful! I love that candy cane bread. I haven’t been to Solvang in more than 30 years. I think it’s time for a return trip!


    1. Thank you Sharon. What you see being made, is I think candy, not bread, because it’s a candy factory. Yeah, never a dull moment at Solvang:) My weekly post “Surprise at the Harbor was at Santa Barbara, and we ventured out there, because of one of latest posts:) Actually we changed our route to southern Calif. for that, along the coast, to arrive first in Solvang, Santa Barbara, before coming into Los Angeles for my painting show.


  2. My first road trip was to Santa Barbara with a girlfriend when we were 18. My car’s muffler came loose 20 miles or so north of Santa Barbara. We somehow tied is up and found a shop to take care of it near the motel where we stayed. That mishap just makes my fondness for the area more. That was also the first time I ever stayed in a motel. I still enjoy exploring that area.


  3. When we lived in California we often flew to Santa Barbara and Solvang. In fact, I landed at Solvang on my first solo crosscountry flight, They used to have a fleet of only Chevy cars you could borrow to drive to down for lunch. Probably all of that is gone these days. The last time I stopped in Solvang was with my mother as we were driving north from her Sun City home to live in Bellingham to be near us and our Powell River, BC, home. She always loved to go to the antique shops and buy cut crystal. – Margy


  4. I can’t believe it’s the end of July already, Jesh! Another year is flitting by… Winter weather here in Melbourne, rain tonight and a maximum of 13˚C tomorrow.


  5. Your posts have me longing for a road trip… to Solvang and Santa Barbara! Lol, longing for a road trip and we’ve only been home fa couple of weeks! But that part of California is so beautiful…,and it has been too long. Probably not in the cards for us this year again though … so thank you for sharing and for the memories. And for hosting.


  6. Loved your photo tour. Canada and the US got a lot of immigrants from Scandinavia, including Finland. When doing genealogy research I ‘found’ a distant relative in Santa Barbara. The guy had a home for old people there… It’s a few years, I don’t remember well anymore… He was distantly related to that famous first husband of mine! A lot of people emigrated from the late 1800 on from Ostrobothnia.

    Those red & white candy bars are a tradition in Sweden. People used to use them also as decorations on their Christmas tree. Thank you for hosting – wishing a happy Sunday!


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