SURPRISE AT THE HARBOR and 90 Days of Summer



Thurs. Doors  of the border patrol in San Diego’s harbor
Thurs Door, Weekend Reflect, our World



Just a few steps from the group below the Yucca blooms(?) and Hibiscus
on the grounds of a restaurant. There were many more teens
at the harbor than I expected.
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When you Dare to do something out of your comfort zone,
you will reap excellence at one time:)
ABC Wed. July 31 and Aug 7

Next to people on the board walk visiting, or on vacation.
I saw her first. She stood in the back.
Maybe because she was tall … well dressed.
Looked at her small guitar … or was it a ukulele?
4 strings – okay that’s a ukelely then …
The last one was my first instrument, at 10-11 years old.
Then I noticed they were also singing.
In the harbor with several kinds of noises, their music
was a soft flowing sound like the breeze in the wind.
When I noticed some others in the circle,
I realized, almost everyone had a ukelele!
ABC Wed – D


First impression? Mine was it transported me to mid-last
century -so meaningful and heart warming to hear
this group with camping songs and ukelele’s –
from all socio-ecnomic levels. Tried to be careful
not to be too obvious taking pics,
but  several noticed  “someone” taking shots.
Sun Tree,  Pictoral Tue., DutchGTN



Later, when parking our car in the center of Santa Barbara,
the wind blew  all these cute pink little flowers
from the tree
One Word Sunday,: Pink,  ABC Wed – Excellence



Driving from sunny mid 90 degrees F into a
midsummer Fog between Santa Barbara
and Los Angeles during the day is a weird sensation.
You can tell it does not deter vacationers to be on the beach!
Sky Watch



90 Days of Summer or Winter – 5



Prepped for high temps when doing the “tourist” thing.
To make it truly summer and winter,  Frosty trees.
The last one also linking up to Sunday Best









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31 thoughts on “SURPRISE AT THE HARBOR and 90 Days of Summer

  1. Lovely images, Jesh! Very summery. It is cold wet and very wintry here in Melbourne at the moment.
    The “yucca” is a palm tree. Here are some yucca flowers:
    The little pink flower is from an Australian native tree! It’s called Kurrajong or lacebark tree:
    Always happy to help out with all things botanical 🙂


  2. Sounds like a fun day. Glad you got photos…can imagine the camaraderie happening with the singing. Always makes for warmth among people.


    1. Haha, now I can “talk” with you without having to look up your url! The ukulele group was so out of sync with the rushed, don’t bother me, professional and executive mentality that it was a brush of fresh air – that’s why I loved it!Thanks for the comment!


  3. Beautiful and fun collection. How wonderful to stumble on the ukulele group….it is always especially fun when you have an unplanned great experience!


  4. With all those boats on the water they sure do need a harbor patrol. Music from a Ukulele just sounds like summer doesn’t it?
    Fun post 🙂


  5. I’ve been fascinated by the ukulele but never had the courage to pick one up and learn. Perhaps I should.
    dropping by from ABCW


  6. It is sometimes a fun experience to act as a tourist in your everyday settings. You spotted a lovely singing group & a fantastic yucca blooming. Thank you for linking at Friday Bliss – I enjoyed your photos. Greetings & hugs.


  7. I’ve never seen yucca blooms before. Before I read your caption, I thought it was a palm tree and I wondered if the swaying blooms inspired hula dancing way in the beginning. The Husband and I play at learning the ukelele. We practice when one of us picks it up that then brings the other to sit down and patiently wait for a turn.


  8. The ocean is the best place. Perfect for relaxing. A great series of photos and thanks for linking them up. Have a GREAT weekend!


  9. A ukulele circle… how fun!! Love the photo of the breaking waves. I finally spent some time at the beach last weekend. Long overdue!!


    1. I knew the Yucca in Holland as a 2 feet houseplant, so I was mesmerized when I saw the 6 feet or taller ones on the hillsides here. The blooms are beautiful and white (the ones in my image have already wilted).

      Liked by 1 person

  10. The loudness of the hibiscus flower to the quiet of the little pink flower is a great contrast. Your adventure sounds perfect to me, a woman who hasn’t seen the ocean for real in years.


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