Hello All Season Bloggers,
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What fun and great to see/read your blogposts and cheerful images from last week! It seems most of you are back in town, and in blog land:) Curious and looking forward to read your experience this week:)

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In the heat, I keep looking for shadowy places. In that endeavor, I cherish the details I saw, mostly in Southern California. Did get  a sunburn there at least after a decade!

Cool window or what?  Look closer, on the left is a square window
(posted before)
Seen in the Huntington Library



Oblong windows
Someone is watching me! And it is me:)




A tree growing on the trunk of a tree! The Creator
is such a genius!
He has more creativity in his little pink than others in
their whole body, who profess to be a genius:)
Seen in Balboa Park, San Diego




Beautiful rectangular windows of a Chinese lunch place
in the Huntington Library


What details have you seen lately?

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  1. I’m sure I don’t notice nearly as many details as you do, J. I finally posted something other than my linky so I could finally link up. I think since I drive a lot I’m looking for road stuff and miss many of life’s details. I love the idea of shadows and windows. It was pretty nice today but too hot for my sorry arse the days before. I tried to look at details in a botanical garden this week but all I could think about was how big the place was and where could I get something to drink.
    Hope you’re having a cool and shady week.


    1. Thank you! Went to your blog, and read about delivering your baby! A big thing! Now you’re a mom, which takes a while to get used to. The first half year is the most intense. Just give yourself time and to what is good for you (don’t listen to all the advise you will get:)) You will get used to taking care of the baby in time -really you will!!


  2. I had never heard of the Huntington Library until this week and now I am seeing references to it all over the place. Maybe somebody is trying to tell me something.


    1. The Huntington is pretty well known, also because of the international library )every year the library has a international conference ) and the painting galleries, but we always go there for the huge botanical garden:)


  3. Nice selfie through that oblong window! You have a great eye for detail and I appreciate and learn from every one of your posts. And I really really want to visit the Huntington someday. Thank you for all you do for the blog world!


  4. Wonderful windows all of them, Jesh. My triptych shows some flowers in detail, which are brightening up our cold (well maybe not so cold after all) Winter and are harbingers of Spring.


  5. So glad to be back with you at All Seasons! Thanks for hosting. Those windows are amazing – especially like the first photo. Have a super week!


  6. We had a great week of summer weather this week. Who doesn’t love hanging out in a library?

    You commented on my red shoes last week, yes, I will post a photo when I first wear them, right now is sandal weather!


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