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Called this watermelon evening, when the heat begins to cool down,
with a beginning fire for a BBQ may give the
appearance that life is mellow, and everything is perfect.

But … appearances can fool! You may discover this
when you catch ’em in the  evening when guards are down:)











Men talk? In our family these two do!



Don’t be fooled by her girly appearance. At her age
her shout  is intimidating to even an adult,
when you touch her stuff!
No wonder, her real name means boomerang:)


In a nostalgic mood yet? The right moment to give you
an idea what is involved in painting a plein air
(in California, with lots of people around).
I refuse for people with poor boundaries
to  interrupt what to paint, by standing
in the spot where they like to stand,
with “You are standing in my view.”


An evening where you tell how on that hot blistery
day in the crowd
you began to sketch Yosemite Falls with oil paint …
dots, lines, scratches …

How you didn’t get far, because a talk with some
French  doing the tourististic
tour of San Francisco Yosemite Nat. Park, Grand Canon,
Los Vegas, and back.
Another conversation with a 13 year old with a hat
and a pretty big stick who wanted to become a painter
(save that for another time).
and a diversion of making a sketch
for a watercolor of Yosemite Falls …

The sketch was put on the easel at home, but
still could feel and imagine
the drops of spray of the waterfall in the sun
and how it painted the rocks a shiny wet black,
which asked for a different color combination
than my usual choice.

The conundrum how the left and the right of the waterfall
needed to be fitted in  11 (wide) x 14 (long) inch canvas.

Progressed slowly, but the moment came to put the
signature on there, and add to my small gallery
of plein airs at the entrance of my house.


and why it is back on the easel again,
because of that shadow in the bottom left corner
did not seem to be connected to anything!
Plein airs … you gotto love ’em!

But worth all this work, to have a reminder
how the waterfall roared and sprayed
making a hot day refreshing and cool.
Eventually the crowds of people and
lack of privacy will be forgotten.

Did you ever do something where your friends have said,
“I don’t know if that was worth the work?” But you did it anyway, because it gave you satisfaction to have done it.



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  1. All the time– doing something that seems to be more work than worth, because I want to experience the work or because the work simply needs to be done.
    There’s something very relaxing, comfortable, and comforting about your watermelon evening of a story. Enjoyed reading and viewing your paintings a lot, Jesh. Cheers!


  2. Wow! Love the painting, Jesh. I often do things that please me but generally I keep them to myself as I know many other people would not understand, or think I was wasting my time. My music composition for example…


  3. Absolutely we have …. and also agree with you that in travel the crowds and inconveniences are soon forgotten and the wonderful learning experiences remembered. Your painting is beautiful. All I can do is photos and it is quite impossible to capture the feel of flowing water. …. I am glad your granddaughter has a big voice … I don’t believe in teaching girls to be meek and mild!


  4. Beautiful painting and I love the family photos, my favorite shots are the candid people ones. Glad I’m taking more photos this week so I could link.


  5. Now having seen the painting in person I say, ” It’s so lovely!!” Don’t change it! It was also very lovely getting to visit with you and your Hubs.

    I may give painting en plein air a go with your encouragement, and redo that little landscape you saw in my journal.


    1. Thank you much Deborah – this WAS the painting you saw:):) Yesterday we saw a lovely house of a blogger!! Was thinking of looking up some pages about design elements and sending it to you. We came home and looked at each other and said, “We have also been in Tahoe!” Thank your dear hubs from us for having that grand idea and driving us!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love the painting, Jesh! I always prefer to do cooking from scratch, don’t like pre-packaged foods.
    Love our weekly catch-ups!


  7. Fun story of painting en plain air! But your painting turned out great. I would not mind that dark spot 🙂 Wishing happy new week to come.


  8. I like your painting!
    I buy peas in the shell at farmers markets and shell them myself. My friends say, “Why? You can buy them already shelled.” But I like the satisfaction of doing it myself!
    Have a wonderful week!


    1. I smiled, because you got the heart of the post – it’s not about eating watermelon, but about what watermelon happenings, like you call them, are about:):) Love when people like you “get” (understand) these things:):)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Am about ready to start walking out in the wetlands on the hottest morning so far– 80 degrees F at 5:00 AM! Rather than wait for the evening I would enjoy a big slice of watermelon when we get back! I think you must paint a “sister” landscape to place on the left side to allow the stream to run its course. Going back to that spot soon?


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