The Teal JB Door in Jackson, where memories
are created, so they say:)
Thurs. Doors, Fri Follies


A teal door with purple painted brick is not bad either.
Thurs. Doors




The color of the mellow yellow from the potatoes is overpowered by the beets!
Since I’m busy prepping for a Saturday ice cream and cake party,
hubs took over making dinner with his favorite
beet salad (also called  Russian Salad)  on Thurs. evening.

Saute and fry pork – the size of a fist and cut in small cubes.
Add cooked potatoes, eggs,  and carrots.
A can of green beans (or cooked).
Add cubed (raw) apple with mayo/vinegar, pepper, and salt
as dressing. Stir so the dressing coats all the veggies.
Arrange on a bed of cut Romaine or iceberg lettuce.


Going to the store it was hot, that in my haste
I did not take the time
to check all my camera points
ABC Wed -Haste


Then  my memory kicked in that I needed a close up,
for the flower challenges! One more quick click.
Did a rough pastel edit in Photo shop on it.


Earlier this year on our trip from Sacramento
to Los Angeles, a great amount of trees in
“desert” areas! Trees always bring a smile to
my face, since they were my favorite
subject to draw in my beginning years.
Sunday Trees. Weekly smile


Time is slipping away from me. Just last year Peach
was playing with cars, but this year she is
on a cheering team – WHERE did the TIME go??
Makro-Tex – Time


Window with a reflection of San Francisco’s sky.
Have taken several angles of this window
so you might have seen a similar image.
Weekend Reflection, One Word Sunday: Window
Sun Best


Even a yellow – and almost dark teal sunset.
Almost looks like a painting, doesn’t it?
Sky Watch


So much fun to share your experience in the season
and read the ones from others too:)

Photo linky list open from Monday – Friday noon,
Pacific time


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32 thoughts on “TEAL AND MELLOW YELLOW

  1. A lovely collection of images, Jesh. Interesting how “Russian Salad” gets interpreted differently in different countries. My mother makes it with peas, sliced baby carrot rondels, potato cubes (all boiled), baby capers, tiny cubes of gherkin (the Polish, non-sweet ones), dried dill leaf tips, all mixed with home-made mayonnaise (once again, no sugar in it). Tastes delicious!
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


    1. Sometimes I wished that the grands wouldn’t grow up so fast. There is something adorable to a childlike mind. No worries, no judgements, big dreams, and just going with the flow of life.

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