This is a train from the gold rush era  around 1849
in Folsum, close to Sacramento. this is the more modern one than the steam train in Old town Sacramento. The railroad tracks in the capitol are still there, and you can have a short ride on special days.

I live 7 hours North of Los Angeles, where they have a few trains running, from Pasadena to L.A. and from LA to San Diego. But that’s it, as far as I know for California.

The bullet train project from LA to San Franciso has been stopped, because of lack of funds.

In the  USA one is really stuck when one does not
have a car. Especially when not living in a big city.

We live 1 1/2 hours from Sacramento by car. Good that there are school buses for elementary -through high school. Some special LOCAL services for people who cannot drive a car because of handicaps or old age.

The trains ran in the gold rush era around 1849. But I don’t know if any trains or buses run from town to town like in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Maybe this makes it more understandable that middle class people where both parents work, have two cars.


7 thoughts on “TRANSPORTATION

  1. No trains here. Heck there are barely any buses that run outside of the actual city limits. We are dependent on our cars which is ok, but they keep getting bigger and the roads are just as narrow as ever. This is something that worries me about transportation around here.


  2. What a beautiful train car. I wish we had more and better train service in this country. I’m fortunate to live in the corridor with the best train service AMTRAK provides.


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