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My adult “children” like me to stay up to date
with their world. I understand their quest for us
to remain young and that’s why I’m open
to do millenial things, lol)!  Maybe in the city it’s
more of an expectation than on the country side?
The one below was an example of this.

A bigger view of these beautiful surroundings
of Sutro Baths in San Francisco,, Wonder
why people would uberhaupt visit the ruins?


A close up reveals that  almost all of  these people are young, except  a handful, like me and hubs.


On our evening walk close to Bass Lake.
Edited with Ink Outlines (photoshop)
to delineate the stony slope more
and color Cyan to get the red out.


Things you notice on the walk. Near the end
of August, more in-land in California,
most things  have dried up,
also photo shopped.


A long sunset. Sigh – a goodbye to the end
of a perfect vacation day.

Are  you at the end of  something this month?


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13 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – END OF AUGUST

  1. We’ve never visited the sutra baths … would really love to make another trip to SF and include them, although at almost 80 I might not be able to once there! It’s wonderful that your “kids” want to include you in their activities …ours are pretty good about that as well. And even our adult grands. I agree that there needs to be a betr word for adult offspring! …. I’m sorry for the blank thumbnail on my linky thing … we are camping and the WiFi connection was poor. Thanks for hosting.


    1. Sorry Jesh, I have been a bit busy… Your sea view with the ruins is stunning. I don’t know what ruins they are, but they sure look fascinating. The sunset at the gazebo looks so serene. This week is very lovely in Finland: sun & 24 C, I try to enjoy these last summer days so that I have something in storage when the dark & cold autumn and winter start. Thank you for your mail!


  2. Interesting baths. Were they salt water pools? I think the Natatorium in Long Beach in the early 1900s had salt water swimming pools. – Margy


  3. Interesting about the baths… I love the shots of the drying flowers and setting seeds, Jesh. We are approaching the end of Winter and Spring is beginning to make its presence felt 🙂


  4. Once upon a time I was the younger thing wandering around the Sutro Baths. Back then I would not ever have thought I’d be the older woman walking wobbly over things. lol I like your thistles shot. I forgot that this is the time to see their dried beauty, especially when the sun highlights them when it sets. Cheers, Jesh!


  5. I bet you see lots of things other people miss. I’m not so sure I’d feel steady walking along those ruins and maybe it’s a hard place to get to, things you don’t think much about when you’re young.


  6. So often John and I are the oldest people in our jaunts. I find so many of our friends are saying things like “oh, I’m getting old” or “I couldn’t/wouldn’t do ———–“. I just want to keep exploring and trying things.
    I’m looking forward to more summer weather, we are forecasted to have a hot September. Kids will be back at school so we can enjoy some outings that won’t be crowded.


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