This post of inobtrusive or inconspicuous objects and subjects was more challenging.  (in the meaning that they do not immediately catches one’s eye, or hard to discover, subtle)
As an artist I look mostly more for the obvious, or conspicuous, because I want to give a clear message:)


An inobtrusive side door of the Crepe Place in the city
Sacramento we frequent,
but with  interesting reflections
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflections, ABC Wed- Inobtrusive


And a closer look (of the sky at the end ) on can see the simplest
of doors of the bigger barn in Amado county. Sorry, I couldn’t come closer,
since I didn’t want to step uninvited on this farm property.
Thurs. Door



What did the waving hand of our son in law mean? It was much more than just “goodbye.”
It was the first time after Hub’s surgery a few months ago,  and out to celebrate the birthday
of one of their children. We suspected they had chosen  a restaurant only halfway to their house,
since they had no idea of Hub’s physical condition was.

What happened, and the reason that our daughter was still so nervous and worried about her dad
was because in the same week hubs had his surgery, one of her husband’s co-workers
had the same surgery, and that one turned out a big failure.
For 3 weeks after his surgery he had still
been laying on the couch in much pain.
Hubs interrupted his story, “Laying on the couch makes
it worse, it’s not what you do after this surgery.
He needs to be moving and walking! I would go
back to this doc to tell him that the surgery was not successful!”
(he eventually had a second surgery)

Anyways we had a great time eating with them. When we went outside,
and stopped on the way to the parking place, because the kids saw a big dog,
and chatted with the owner. Resuming their way to go
to the car, our son in law casually
turned around to put up his hand. In a way saying ,
“We are relieved, life is good, because we know
now, you(Hubs) are okay and we will see you soon!”
An inobtrusive gesture can be just as meaningful!
Thankful Thurs, Fri Bliss, Weekly Smile,
Pictoral Tue, Say Cheese


A whimsical Twin of Brugmansia flowers in Balboa park San Diego
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD, Tue Travel


Most parrots have wild obtrusive colors,
but this one is a nice subdued blue and grey
on sitting on the owners hand in Balboa Park,
San Diego. You fit right in this post, birdie!



Not in California, but one time we were
in the Netherlands in October, and there
the leaves do not stay green throughout
the year, like where I live. Capture of Hubs.
Makro-Tex-Signs of Fall, DutchGTN: Fall



Debbie asked for a Triangle. This Bulletin board in the park  close by has a triangle roof
and the pillars are placed in a triangle!
One Word Sunday



Sky above barns
Sky Watch, sun Tree


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One image for the photo link list
from  Sunday – Friday noon, Pacific Time


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  1. I wish your husband a complete recovery, Jesh. Taking control of our health is a great idea and choosing carefully our doctors is half the battle won. The support of family and friends is necessary and invaluable. Sounds as though your husband has all of these things going for him. I love the photo of the old barns!
    Thankls for taking part in the “My Sunday Best meme”


  2. A second surgery is inherently scary.
    BTW, for some reason, your last comment landed in my spam folder, but I retrieved it just today!


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