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Two years ago four photographers came to visit my
studio. Two were also bloggers. When one of the
bloggers moved , we visited her a few weeks ago
in her new home, just two hours from my house.


Glad I took my camera with me, for it turned out
an beautiful  scenic mountainous drive.
Suddenly we were in another state
and our destination was in the first town.
New, was,  knowing we were at
4000 feet, yet this town had flat streets,
no hills like where I live, a 1000 feet lower
in altitude. We had a grand time,
and when dinner time came, they took us to the Thai
restaurant. Of all the Asian restaurants
I have been in (quite a few in the Netherlands),
this was the most artful
and  service oriented one.

When coming in, the immediate impression was artful
and well taken care of.


The fresh dahlias on the table spoke of finesse in details.


We shared our meal (meaning everyone orders
what he or she likes, but once on the table we
share our dishes).   This yellow (probably curry) rice
in a hollowed out pineapple was hands down the star!


One last look at this wall (just a small part of the restaurant)
before I begin my delicious meal.

This was a flying by the seat of your pants outing!
Initially the plan was to show us the center of town,
but we ended up driving to Lake Tahoe, where Sharon
from Exploring World  posted about, not too long ago.

It is a 60 miles stretch of hiking area, around lake Tahoe,
so except for hiking also many water sports are practiced.


Arrived round 7 pm, but to our surprise the was a strong
cold wind blowing and pretty cloudy. Our body got a shock,
coming from a high 80ties weather.  It was even too cold,
even with a hoodie on, so we didn’t stay long.

Strange to see the white tops on the waves as if
there was a storm. Am still amazed how visiting a blogger
turned out into seeing Lake Tahoe!

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  1. Along the years, I’ve met many bloggers on here and even before blogging when Geocities was popular. Loved doing the Geocities because there you actually got to do the html language rather than the new blogging platforms of just following the outlayed form…however, back to meeting bloggers on the internet. Some were actually not a part of FB and they interacted without link ups, but have only really met one in person who I found only lived about hour away. One that I met, but really don’t interact that much with anymore is the only one that sent me a sympathy card, and it touched me so that she would remember me. So many nice people. Nice to blog and visit people like your site Jesh. Have a great September. The photos look like you had a nice visit.


  2. One of the great things about blogging, Jesh, is getting to know fellow bloggers and learn a little bit about their daily life and the distant places they live in. When fate conspires to bring the birds of a feather together, it is always a delightful idea to meet and have a real face-to-face good old yak…


  3. What a neat thing to visit a fellow blogger, especially when she lives in such a beautiful place … and with such a wonderful restaurant! We enjoy Thai food , but have never been in one with such a beautiful aura!


  4. That Thai restaurant was a very nice surprise. Lake Tahoe looks beautiful. I have never been there. Right now we are watching the progress of the hurricane as it inches in our direction with forecasters predicting it will veer north rather than making a direct hit. And my desktop computer died in the middle of this!


  5. It is strange to go from warmer weather to the cold wind chilling the air. We’re feeling that as part of the season change here. Some lovely photos, I bet it was an invigorating drive. Very beautiful wardrobe in the Thai place which looks amazing!


  6. Your images of the restaurant are fantastic! That is their pineapple rice, it’s our favorite! We’ll have to go back to Lake Tahoe when it’s a warmer day/evening there and walk the trail a bit, and of course, show you the center of town!

    It was lovely seeing you and your J! We’ll do it again!


  7. A great little trip, and I love good Thai food.
    My very first trip to the States, a VERY long time ago, included a week at Lake Tahoe, so you brought back some good memories for me.
    Have a happy Sunday.


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