The white glass Door to Indie Socks.
In jest, at 90 deg.F weather: anyone need some?
Love the texture of red brick, since that reminds me
on my childhood years of the Netherlands.
Houses were built with this red brick there,
not with wood!
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The previous owner of our house saw to it the deer
couldn’t eat  eat these roses – too high off the ground:)
Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss, FOTD, Nature Notes



Every Tower is a monument
Sky Watch, One Word Sun, Sun Tree



Fri Follies, Say Cheese


Sometimes intimacy doesn’t go further,
than a good ole’ time Joking around
with a slice of pizza, smiling big
and saying “Cheeeese!”!
Sun Best, Weekly Smile,
Say Cheese, ABC Wed-Joking


The evening on a boat in Long Beach feels  mysterious,
as well as intimate
Weekend Reflect, Makro-Tex: evening, Travel Tue



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