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One of the reasons city life can become stressful, i
s because the eyes have not resting point.
Houses, buildings, people make me alert, not rested.
Now with plenty of nature around me, I should enjoy
the  greens and simple things.

September is a month of having a look around a sharp
corner like this one. Brake a little to keep control!.
Am curious  ….what’s on the other end!


They keep the properties along the road mostly clean here, but fallen trees are always there.



On the way back I saw the river, underneath the bridge, and asked Hubs to turn off the road.
There are not many rivers
in my area, so  I walked under the bridge,
and found some very mossy rocks.



And there it was, unassumingly and happy flowing!



while Autumn weather is meanwhile inching in
with more clouds, and shorter days.

How are you usually dealing with change?
I prepare by asking myself, do I need to change anything? How did last year’s change go, and did it go smoothly or was it rough?
Or was I in denial and did not even deal with the change?


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  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the relaxing nature around you. The river is especially beautiful. And it’s SO green where you live — unlike Southern California! Happy September!


    1. It’s an hour South of us, Closer to Yosemite National Park, but similar altitude (about 3000 feet). These were taken in May, so I don’t know if it’s still this green! Glad you enjoyed the green:)


  2. Your photos show such luscious green, Jesh. i look forward to green popping up in our area. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Maybe it’s because I’m a late autumn baby. I feel more alive and active in crisp, cool, yet, sunny, days. If only the days were longer in autumn. 🙂


  3. Autumn is a funny season since it can be so exciting and busy but foreboding. I like your idea of it being a sharp turn around the corner but in my case the brakes are worn and the engine is idling.
    I’ve got lots of water close by too yet it has never flooded or at least not much, how about you, any flooding from the nearby rivers?


  4. I would certainly like to Meander through September, but after being away on holiday travelling for over 7 weeks, it is taking me a little time to get back into the swing of life. I certainly enjoyed the break from city life. Have a fabulous September!


  5. I enjoyed your river visit! Lovely …. September 1 always seems more like the start of a New Year to me than does January 1. …. Fall is such a time of change and a time to think about what I want to accomplish .


  6. You remind me of one of the conditions I set before moving from the mountains of New Mexico to Florida. The mountains provided that rest point for my eyes, and the Florida solution was a home on a lake with over 180 degrees view of the water and a view of the rising sun on the horizon. I grew up under a flat sky which stretched from one neighbor’s housetop to another. To this day I cannot remember in which directions the sun rose or set.


  7. Summer is clinging on here and I am quite happy about that, although the temperatures are a little lower than I like. At the moment, 9:30 AM it is 16 C or 61 F going to 19. Still sunny and will be a nice day for a street fair.


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