Somehow water flowing across and between rocks
always make me think of eternity.

Am doing research for my writing. Watched on
Youtube several near-death experiences.
There were basically two kinds.
ABC Wed.-K

A researcher (David Burke)  interivewed by Sid Roth,
also researched more than a 1000 people,
of all socio-economic levels, and reported
the ones who believed in God.
They were going on a path or through a tunnel.
At the end, they came to a place of light
where  Jesus was, and were welcomed by people
he/she knew from earth.
The ones who did not believe in God, were beckoned
by a group, to follow them It was blurry.
When following,
their friendly demeanor slowly changed,
to being angry and nasty. As time progressed,
they began to attack the one who followed. The attacks
began to be so nasty it involved broken bones and ripped flesh
on the way of being caged in a fire, eternally, called hell.
This is what the ones who did not believe in God, reported.
You can watch this  on You Tube..

This below may be (symbolically)
the most important door in life
you’ll go through
Thurs. Door



Photo a Week asked for something new, and fits very well here.
Boo with a new puppy:)
ABC Wed -happy Kid, happy puppy



September  – contemplation
in Huntington Library Garden, Pasadena
Weekend Reflection, Makro-Tex: September, DutchGTN


With this research,  I came to such specific
info. I felt I needed to pass it on, to some who  think you
1) don’t need God, or 2) you are god.

If you lost your way, somewhere down the line,
now is the time to change. The moment
you die, it is too late.
All you have to say now is two little lines
(meant sincerely of course).
“Jesus, I am sorry for all my wrong doings (sins)
I accept you as my Lord and Savior.”


The above seems almost too simple, but the crux of the matter
is this genius God – He LOVES
you so much, He wants to be certain
you will GET (grasp) that He has loves  you
when you’re feeling, or are – good or bad – and waits for
a close personal  relationship with you
These rocks are at Zion Nat. Park, Utah
Travel Tue.



Mind you, these are cactus
flowers, a first prize at the San Diego
Nature Society. They make me smile!
Named something like Ephilium
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD,  Weekly Smile, Say Cheese



For Sunday Best – a moon rise. Wish I had a moon rise
above the rocks, but don’t have that scene.


The volume of Zion Nat. Park’s rocks are mind boggling
of one rock pattern going over into another.
Amazing and stunning! Only God, the Creator could
have thought of this design.
HE is GOD and I AM NOT
am just saying!

Fri Bliss, Sun Tree,
One Word Sunday:
immediately  thought of the
mathematical equation for the volume of this rock
which is its length, times its width, times its times height:)


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27 thoughts on “A ROCKY WORLD

  1. Lovely shots, Jesh! I am a rock fan myself so I can appreciate your admiration for rocky scenes! 🙂
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


    1. That research is ground breaking! The reason is, it takes away the excuse of atheists not to believe in God, because “you can’t prove God exists” Well the stories of these people prove it:)
      My advise is not to go to Zion in the heat of summer. At pm it’s still a 100 or 100+. Hard to enjoy anything with those temps! You probably have a new post up – I’ll visit then I have finished replying on all the links of All Seasons this week – talk to you later:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. I love the design on the rocks, as only God can!
    I had what could be called a ‘near death’ (since my heart did stop for a while!) experience, but there was no light. Email me (address is on my blogger profile) if you want more details 🙂


  3. Strange findings by this researcher. As someone who actually had a near-death experience I can tell you that neither of the described scenarios are anything close to what I experienced.
    I do love the oval glass in those doors. Nice finds 🙂


  4. I like very much the doors with oval shaped glass. Stunning pastel rocks. Our granite here is mainly grey, but strong, for eternity.


    1. Because the sun was shining on it, the pastel color is not reality – in the shade it would be much more red! Most of the tourists go to the grand Canon. The latter is much larger, but I liked Utah’s mountains much more.


  5. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful photos. I like how you’ve explained your door photo in a different way than it just being another door. That being said, the oval glass in those doors is amazing. Most unique.


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