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Sarah’s link

One thing I love about Autumn is that  the air gets cooler
and crisp, and dust does not fly up as easily
because of more moisture in the air.

But especially in Southern California, September is still
in summer dress.,
even in the hills and mountains. So everything is
“in-between” there.

Because watercolor is a difficult medium, I do not use
it for painting in front of an audience,
also because I  mainly paint nature or things
that suddenly inspire me with watercolor.
Just keeping up my skills, people!
Last time, end of July, we were in Yosemite Nat. Park,
and made a sketch for two watercolors, but didn’t work
them out in the open air, because by late afternoon I was tired.

This was at Happy Isles that leads to the popular 9000
feet mountain Half Dome.
We looked on the shadow side of the river for a place
I could sit to paint. When I saw these
tree trunks, I knew this would make a good painting,
because the foreground naturally attracts the attention,
as long as I wouldn’t paint them grey.  That does not
mean am winging it with the background.
I do a complete sketch, because a
poor background, makes for a bare,
or incomplete painting. As you see,
most of this painting is the background!
So far so good, at the end of the first phase.


The middle phase is often
telling if this will turn out good,
or if I need to start over. The tree trunks I blotted out with
water and paper towel, to lighten them. Crazy what
a little water can do to a color, eh?
Because the tree trunks are not bulky, it means the
the background needs to stay super-light –
no heavy  forms or colors.
So the message to myself was: keep it as light
as you can. Also, the leaves of the trees,
with a lot of space in between,
and no dark and thick lines. Used  my Ipad
to embiggen the scenes and have a closer look..


Voila. This 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 inch has become a Fauvist
painting, because I determined from the
beginning I wanted Ultramarine Blue tree trunks.
Do you see ,that in the meantime the horizontal tree trunk blended in?
On purpose, because giving
it more attention with heavy lines,
or brighter color would result in a clash.
In nature nothing clashes. It all fits together:)
Artists of the Fauvist period painted
wild and bright,or also a multitude of  colors.
Now you know how I paint my watercolors.
This one was done within 2 days.


The photo of the location of my watercolor. Hope you enjoyed
how I spent the last hour to my visit of Happy Isles in
Yosemite Nat. Park with the roar of the river, crashing of the waves while sitting on the shadow side, enjoying the view.


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  1. Hi, I enjoyed this post very much. I took several watercolour classes in the past and enjoyed it so much. Have some of the gear still and keep thinking I should get back to it. Watercolours are difficult but yet somehow forgiving where a little more water can change things up so much…or a tissue. I always see purples in shadows so understand your ultramarine choice there. It works quite well, imo. So lovely to be doing!


    1. Thank you Jocelyn for your kidn comment. With having been so involved with oil, watercolor became 2nd or 3rd place in how often I do it, but everytime i do, I love it! Hope you’ll go back to watercolor, or any other medium, it is such a joy in life to “record” what we see around us in creation. Anytime, I can help you with a particular art question or problem, just ask – happy to help you!


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