If you are a regular visitor/participator of All Seasons you have already seen something of the tourist town Solvang in Southern California. Great for photography, because of the quaint ambience:)


Before getting into town a view of how it looks like in summer .



This is the mermaid -like, because she does not have a fishtail,
but the fish on the border, hints at the original one.



Solvang as a host of doors. Many were “obstructed by views of
people going in and out. Have to see this town quiet yet!


All kinds of little towers with doors, etc. in between the doors,
to make it look Scandinavian. You faintly see
the branches of the ivy that has totally dried up.


Morten’s Bakery is the most awesome.
One can exactly see who of the customers  is
used to air conditioning and who not. In the Northern
countries of Europe it is fairly common
not to have air-conditioning in stores.
Shelter, may be more  commonly used to keep out
the rain and cold. Believe me, in Southern California
you do everything to shelter from heat.
Weekend Reflection, One Word Sunday: Shelter


Inside i t is much bigger than it looks from the outside.
Spoiling food? No chance. It has flown out of the door
before that. Can’t pass up eating a cream puff here.
The one with all the calories, because of the vanilla
pudding filling and loads of
whipped cream on top:)
Weekly Smile, ABC Wed- L



For Flowers, a birthday bouquet and chairs in the background.
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD, Makro-Tex- furniture


Driving out of town to Santa Barbara, one can see
the vineyards around here.
Sky Watch


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  1. California is a wonderful place, Jesh, and it is filled with such a great variety of scenery, climate and terrain. We loved both our visits there (some time ago, now), but I’m always looking forward to visiting again soon.
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.

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  2. I had to google Solvang and google said it is the Danish capital of America 🙂 So interesting! Lovely photos, the doors are beautiful and the little mermaid so cute. Mortensn’s must have on their lists smørrebrøds, too. Happy weekend Jesh.

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  3. Dearest Jesh,
    Lovely photos from Southern California and it is so true that in Northern Europe you seldom enter any store that has air conditioning.
    Here the tendency often is that they cool way to low… it gives you shivers when coming from outside where it is hot.
    Enjoy the end of summer, it is the best, together with spring time!

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  4. Awwww….I love the “mermaid”. I also love the food flying out the door. Also, beautiful scenic photos. Thank you so much for linking up today!

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