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Last year when hubs had a job for several weeks
close to Orange County,
went with him for the first part, to see back
the neighborhood where we had lived for 15 years.

Don’t know about you, but always has many friends.
Some friends were there throughout
the years. Other friends for a few seasons.
then there were doctoral friends where I only talk
psychology with.
Art friends, of course mainly art subjects,
and other friends, which were friends of my
now adult children, and the ones with whom
we share similar beliefs. When I was young,
I struggled when friends would leave,
until someone pointed out to me,
some friends are for life.
Other friends just for a season.

This friend, now lives in our previous house. She bought it
and that’s how we got to know each other.
What we had in common was a similar background,
of having lived in Indonesia, but for most part in
California. So, whenever I come in my old neighborhood,
I look her up. She’s always happy to see us,
and we’ will eat Indonesian food together.
Since I was only five, when I left Indonesia,
she tells me cultural things about my birth country
I don’t know, so that’s always fun.


This time she brought her cousin with her.
These are the two most common dishes in Indonesian
food. On the left is Fried rice (mixed with hamburger
meat, eggs, green onions, green peas, and grated carrots).
On the right is sate (not spelled satey!) which is
barbecued pork or beef on sticks,
in a peanut butter-soy sauce. Soy sauce
in Indonesia is sweet, while in
China and Japan it tastes salty.


Curry and Green Beans
We also had a spicy fish dish and “something else”
which I don’t exactly what it was, except
that it was also very tasty. About Curry: I don’t
remember my mother ever making curry,
but I was five years old or younger. This restaurant
might have added it to the menu,
because curry is popular in any Asian restaurant.


When driving to the restaurant, our friend did not
take the route of the freeway. What we saw,
was unknown to me, we drove by vast and
heavily populated Asian areas
(seen on the buildings and gardens).


Lemon tree ripening. Across the elementary school.
All II knew  is that where we lived,
was described by others
as a all-American  neighborhood.

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  1. An interesting post about friendship. Childhood friends are important, I think. They know all your family and all your good and bad sides. Relaxing to be with, but one have to make an effort. I keep contact with 2 – 3, and we try to meet at least once a year. New friends often comes with similar interests, as you say. Comes and goes. I also keep in touch with old collegues.
    Love the stone river in the photo!


  2. I love cultural diversity in my community and the richness of culture, customs and food that it brings. And I love sate! And travelling to other countries I always enjoy the different food. Have a fabulous week and thank you again for the link up.


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