Tongue in cheek, for we did not actually meet! While we were perusing in the harbor of Kampen we saw several artists at work, close by the boats, and we saw this boat with artists come by!


A nice reflection of the other side in the window
Weekend Reflection, Tue Travel


While we were in Kampen in the harbor, we saw all these
artists on the boat passing us! The door on the left
is half open.
Thurs. Door, Say Cheese


Meeting of the minds – How fun!
Weekly Smile, ABC Wed-Minds



Someone lucky became 7 years old
Stack of doughnuts
Makro Tex


This is where you end up, if you keep buying groceries
you don’t need that week:)



And the Lucky winner of the Brittish baking show this week is….
One Word Sunday



Red Camellia in Horton, Groningen, North of country
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Fri Bliss



The sun decided me to give  a gift in setting while
we were there
Sky Watch



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30 thoughts on “MEETING OF THE MINDS

  1. A lovely set of photos, Jesh. Always nice to run across a group of fellow artistic souls 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with the “My Sunday Best” meme.


    1. Oh, you have a sharp eye for design – those kind of shutters are (were) often used, more for decoration than closed during a storm against the cold.


  2. Stunning photos Jesh! I’m certain that the artist group on the boat had so much fun! The first window with shutters & reflections is beautiful, and the red camellia divine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michelle, isn’t that baking show a riot? What really amuses me that you see Brittish people so emotional about every comment of the judges – so un-brittish!


    1. Yeah the memes/challenges keep me jumping and adjusting my posts, lol! Of course, the ones I thin that are worth it:) Thanks for all the work you do for sky watch each week!


  3. seeing artists on a boat sounds like great fun.
    One time in New York I saw an artist painting (vigorously) and I wish that I grabbed a photo – but still have it in my mind.
    and love the golden glow in the sky shot at the end

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