Sometimes looking up gives you a mesmerizing view
The open air ceiling of the botanical building Balboa Park
Sky Watch



Sometimes you need to see an image multiple times after
having been in Tuscany, Italy, you
become aware of all the doors here! LOL!
Thurs. Doors, Tue Travel

Other times you have to take the time and look
in every cranny, corner,  from every angle to see
what’s hidden in plain sight,
instead of just walking by….
Floral Fri Foto,Sun Tree * FOTD, Fri Bliss

There are times you have to watch
where you’re walking! These stairs are actually
a fountain –
Balboa Park, San Diego

McKenzie gearing up to say “brain freeze”
with her hands when eating gelato.
The anticipation for her hands to be in the
right position was worth waiting for!

The original photo was a few shades darker.
Had to light-en it to reveal a  cool reflection
of this piece of wood. Hubs capture!
Weekend Reflection, One Word Sun-Light

It’s October, time for MORE
Makro-Tex- October, Weekly Smile,

Can’t see the sky trough the trees? Not here!
North of Holland
Sky Watch, ,Sun Tree, ABC WEd- N


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23 thoughts on “IT TAKES A SECOND LOOK

  1. These photos are amazing, the little girl, the rose and the open air ceiling made me hold my breath.


  2. There is so much beauty, and art, all around us. Sometimes we just need to really look! I love those houses. Colorful and many doorways! Thanks for linking up today.


  3. So true about having to look, and look again, to really see what you are going to photograph. I think composition is the toughest part of photography. I like all the color shades in your photo of the pumpkins. Happy October!!


    1. Every time I visit the Botanical building, the ceiling is the first I look at:) It gives the feeling of spaciousness -thumbs up for the architect who built this!


  4. Beautiful collection! Really like the colorful houses , so European. And so enjoy how you find the beauty everywhere you go. Happy October!


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