21 thoughts on “THE AUTUMN AFFAIR”

  1. You have some wonderful photos here, but personally, I love the picture of the old red house. Does someone actually live in there? I mean it looks like it’s ready to fall. I also love the ocean. It’s definitely on my bucket list to see. Me, I love anything that’s antique, but you have some great photos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. It is so funny, that always when there are a few persons on the photo, someone has a grimace or a fun face 🙂 Red is not my favourite color, but looks good in Chinese buildings. The sky is fabulous. Wishing you a lovely weekend Jesh.


  3. Stay safe! We live where there are so many trees but rarely is it dry enough and windy enough to suffer like your area has. But we do have a generator due to severe storms and unexpected power outages and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Hope you get yours!!


  4. Mackenzie’s face is so cute. We all have one in the family who doesn’t smile in photos 🙂 lol Thanks for linking up today!


    1. The Forbidden City is something you never forget, because it’s so different from Western culture! But even so, most visitors we saw were Asian people. When our son moved there to teach English , we saw this once in a life time opportunity, to visit him there, and have never regretted it!

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  5. Love your ski and Mackensie’s face! I hope you’re well stocked up and have wood to keep you warm through the forced power outage. I wish they’d start putting the line underground rather making nearly 1 million people suffer through power outages.


    1. It seems this time the outage only effects the rural areas around Sacramento. Don’t worry, since my student time, I have gotten into the habit of shopping for a whole week at once, so I’m stocked till mid next-week!
      Yesterday we got a text from our son in law from Auburn, Are you out of power? I’m gonna buy a generator! I could tell he was frazzled. This is I think the 4th time for us this year, so I know it’s just waiting it out:) Hubs found a way to make the wifi work, so I am happy!

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    2. I’m glad you’re prepared and are ready! I would be getting a generator too and stocking up everytime I went to the grocery store.

      The wind has mellowed here, so I hope it has all across Calif too. I haven’t read the weather forcast today, but I did check the temperature outside when I got up. It was only 18 degrees! We’ll be shutting down our outdoor sprinkler system soon at this rate.


    3. Hi Deborah, the power just came back on, right after noon on Friday! At least you had wind, but we had no wind at all! No leaf was moving in the forest Wed. or Thurs.!I have heard, and also seems to be on the internet that technology can steer hurricane paths. Wonder if they can steer wind too… scary where we have come to, eh? Was cold in the morning, because hubs put the wood stove on.

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    1. Thank you Moni for your kind comment! Maybe you forgot about your All Seasons thumbnail image? There is still time until Friday noon to link up! Hope to see you there:) Greatly appreciated:) (You are 9 hours ahead of California in time!)

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