These arches led the way …..
Thurs Door ( and at end: 2 Doors),
Cee’s Challenge


… to an inner court. Very secluded and quiet.
where splashing water of these fountains
provided refreshment.
Not lonely, but on this side of the
ocean protected from the wars
of the outside world  and
treaties to form countries


The wind started stirring. Showing the heart of this mysterious magnolia
Floral Fri Foto, Fr bliss, FOTD


The wind died down later, and the sun resumed
shining, putting a shadow
on part of the door on Pumpkin Street in Southern California.
Thurs. Door, Tue Travel


My thoughts were still reflecting on the inner court,
with the skylight, the ceiling fan and windows
in my living room
seen on a bottle of wine
Weekend Reflection


A round decorative sprinkler opening
Cee’s Cahllenge, One Word Sun – round, Weekly Smile, Say Cheese


Am glad Makro-Tex asked for “a book.” The reading goes slow, but already
for some timeI wanted to know more about
the “New Age” which is made up of several
religions  (Hinduism, Bhuddism), and philosophical views
(pantheism, witchcraft, crystal) and
the result of that in daily life.
Makro-Tex: book, ABC Wed: Pursue


List of Beliefs, page 2.

Innocent and popular: Yoga. Several bloggers
are practicing it. Don’t mean to judge you,
merely showing it is not innocent,
for it is in the company of sorcery, witchcraft,
channeling. These are not  just physical exercises,
but sun positions to invoke the worship
the Hindu idols. Can’t double dip.
Christianity and yoga do not mix!
When you inadvertently have come
on the territory of the devil, you will
see that after some tine you will become confused,
depressed and without peace,
even if you are a church goer.
One of the authors is a 21 (?) year old, having thousands of followers of Facebook,
Steven Bancarz, exercising his New Age,
making mega $$, until God asked him
why he was resisting Him.
He sold his house, his car, and moved back
in with his parents. This guru issued an apology
on Facebook to his thousands of
followers!! He was that courageous!
No water by the wine! Hope you will do the same!


The night came with fire instead of in grey attire.
Sky Watch, Sun Tree, DutchGTN


So cool if you would show your experience
close or far with s short or  long post

with ONE photo for the linky list from
Sunday-Friday, noon
Hope to see you there!


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