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This Week

Last week it was nice to have a pleasant distraction from the electricity outage, by taking our youngest grand to Apple Hill, and have her first overnighter (alone!) at Nana and Opa. It was an instant success, because not long after we came back with her to our house, she saw 4 deer! She is the one who loves bugs, and picks up lizzards:)

My interpretation of WELCOME
to Apple Hill


Some of the adults left more of a memorable impression, than the children. This lady was one of them. “We work for donations …as long as it can be folded.”


Face painting is mostly for children,
but looking at their shirts,  these two
ladies might be in line for one too:)


“I want to be Wonder Woman,”
when we suggested, the utterly
ugly green snake
was too expensive of a mask
(what a relief, a good enough
reason for her).


Of course we couldn’t leave
without a Pony Ride


How About Them Apples? Don’t they look gorgeous? Was planning to come back
with an apple pie, but when I saw the price,
I changed my mind ($20??)


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22 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – APPLE HILL

  1. Twenty bucks for a bag of apples, that’s insane. The best apples I got were a bag for $4.50. I think apple season is over but I might take one more trip to a local apple farm although I’m pretty sure snow and apples don’t go well together. I love the “as long as it can be folded” comment. Nice photos, love the the paper money lady’s violet balloon animal, is that a unicorn?


    1. Jeanna, remember, they’re a few months behind here in California with Fall and Winter (or no winter at all in the South of the state) and we have only snow at higher elevations – we are almost at the snow line, so when it gets pretty bad, we will have snow:) Also, you may have forgotten, fruit and veggies grow here throughout the year, because of the mild temps:)


    1. In California there is such a variety of fruit, that apples have kind of taken the background. It was nice to reintroduce them in my fruits. Yeah for this grand animals are more important than people, lol.

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    2. Thank you Dan, I am in love with apples again. Since there are so many fruits here in CA, I had kind of forgotten about them. Oh yeah, this is the girl who loves bugs and lizzards!

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  2. I don’t know why they price pies so highly at these events. I wouldn’t buy it at that price either. I made an apple crisp this week. Apples were 99 cents a pound which was at a pricy grocery store, have seen some at 69 cents.


  3. It must be tough living with those power outages and the fire threat. Wonderful that your granddaughter is a nature lover and had such a great time on her first over-nighter! I left her a photo of a yearling fawn that was only a couple of doors from our home— but so far none seem to venture into our property.


  4. You had a lovely outing to the Apple Hill! I was with my grandsonat a traditional feast too. Happy Sunday!


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