37 thoughts on “SOME AUTUMN … AT LAST”

    1. Didn’t know you live so close to the coast! Am getting curious how it is to live there (please write me an email about average living costs, whenever convenient):):)


  1. Beautiful fall colors!
    It’s hard to tell that it’s fall around here especially after spending a few years on the east coast.
    If it wasn’t for the news I wouldn’t have known there were fires this year. I don’t know if they are still burning. I hope not!


  2. Yes, when the thought hits you, there are signs everywhere! As being pregnant there are pregnant women everywhere 🙂 The reflection on the door is great, also the colors of the photo. And I would be happy to see such a turquoise sky!


    1. Visited your Hong Kong post. Beautiful views going down! Do you know many here in the USA are quite concerned about Hong Kong? They see that their freedom is being threatened:( Saw your “like” section, but not where I could comment – let me know where it is, please – thanks!

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    2. Yes, we are concerned here in Australia too. Especially that I have some friends in Hongkong. I will look into why you can’t comment, but other readers are able to. Thanks.


    3. I can comment from my blog, but when I visit yours, I can’t find the place “where” to put the comment – if you tell me if its’ above or underneath your post, that will help me – thanks!


    1. Waiting for your first post! Exciting, but also can be scary! Don’t be intimidated, when you are yourself, people (bloggers) will accept you as you are:)


    1. Utah is definitely beautifiul to live. We have been there twice in the summer and loved Zion Nat. park and Bryce canon! From my son who was in Kopenhagen I heard it’s expensive living there!


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