This tree on the corner, alerted me when coming home. It sang,
it whined, it screamed unhinged,
“It’s Fall! Take a shot before
all my leaves are on the ground!!
Sun Tree


The closer we come to December, the more important pleasant inside lights become. Posted this not too long ago for one of my All Seasons posts, but thought this was worth reposting.
My artist friend in Holland dreamed of baking and making lunches, and decided in her fifties just to do it:) Gutsy girl:)
One Word Sunday – Light, Weekly Smile


From there on, I began to see the signs. In this  city door reflected.
Thurs.Door, Weekend Reflection


Now it was easy to see,
also with flowers that were still blooming.
Floral Fri Foto, Friendly PC: Fruit, FOTD


The slopes of the hills seemingly untouched, except for their colors


Staring at the Idyllic scenes when passing the farms on the way home. Can’t get enough looking at them, but am glad I am not a farmer, they work so hard, and no time to relax!
ABC Wed-Staring


Berries. Where I live you see them everywhere!
Makro-Tex-November, Sunshine Macro Mon


Now everything is still ultra bright in color, I can get myself to admit,
that in the end it will sadly look
pityful, like this in my yard.
Makro-Tex: November


A friendlier display of the high winds who have caused the fires in the state, and the electrical outages as well. Friendlier, because the 60 feet trees were wildly swaying, and my deck and grounds are littered with needles and
pine cones (2 high buckets full of pinecones. We use them to light a fire in the woodstove!).
Sky Watch


What’s going on in your Season?
Give us an update, image, anything!
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55 thoughts on “SOME AUTUMN … AT LAST

    1. Don’t know (or remember) how you got a hold of my blog and read that you were an immigrant. Am not that far yet. Have lived in California about 35 years.Did not plan that, but every time we planned to go back to the Netherlands, something came up, and find myself still here. Read your “About.” Are you still teaching?


  1. What a lovely selection of photos this week, Jesh! It’s definitely Autumn in your neck of the woods (although with our cool and wet weather lately, it’s almost like that here!).
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


  2. And now, everywhere you see Christmas decorations. And it isn’t even Thanksgiving. I swear they were going up before Halloween this year. – Margy


  3. A great autumn post, Jesh – so much orange 🙂
    I’ve just realised your last couple of OWS posts haven’t linked to the challenge. They are linking to my home page and just go missing 😦 I know you’re very organised and schedule in advance, so if it’s easier, just add your URL in a comment rather than updating the pingback. But I’ll also link you in manually when I have the chance x


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