For the ones who commented on my love for light in my images, I thought to do a “darker” post this week, for this is how November feels to me.

The door of this jewelry store has a lot of glass. Hope they have
a super de luxe alarm system!
Thurs. Door


Oops, not so dark:) Orchids in the Botanical Building in Balboa Park .
Hubby’s capture
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD


Tree reflection in a puddle on what would become
the 30 x 40 feet ground floor
of my studio. I cut off more than half
of the view of the tree, to have
a better design for  the image
Weekend Reflection, Sun Tree, Makro-Tex: Before(1)

BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below)

Makro-Tex asked for Before and After. This is what happened
after the concrete floor above became
my studio, and I started working
in the winter on the 9 x 7 feet
painting “The Red Line.”
The painting is posted at
It took 5 months.
Because of the angle of the image,
I look like a giant,
but in reality, only 5.3 feet, lol.
Sorry, no time for posing:)
Makro-Tex: After (2)


Love Debbie’s request, for darkness
highlights fire. This leaf looks like on fire!
One Word Sunday: fire


DutchGTN asked for fantasy.
Changed the Dutch brown
and creme tower
in Photoshop to “invert”
and adjusted in color balance
with Red and reduced saturation.
A change after my own heart:) DutchGTN


Nadia asked for stylish shoes. There’s only one in the family
keeping up with style, also with
her socks  -that’s my first grand:)


Sky Watch, ABC Wed-Trees


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  1. November is the easiest month of my blogging. My mom’s birthday, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, great American Smokeout


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