For the ones who commented on my love for light in my images, I thought to do a “darker” post this week, for this is how November feels to me.

The door of this jewelry store has a lot of glass. Hope they have
a super de luxe alarm system!
Thurs. Door


Oops, not so dark:) Orchids in the Botanical Building in Balboa Park .
Hubby’s capture
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD


Tree reflection in a puddle on what would become
the 30 x 40 feet ground floor
of my studio. I cut off more than half
of the view of the tree, to have
a better design for  the image
Weekend Reflection, Sun Tree, Makro-Tex: Before(1)

BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below)

Makro-Tex asked for Before and After. This is what happened
after the concrete floor above became
my studio, and I started working
in the winter on the 9 x 7 feet
painting “The Red Line.”
The painting is posted at
It took 5 months.
Because of the angle of the image,
I look like a giant,
but in reality, only 5.3 feet, lol.
Sorry, no time for posing:)
Makro-Tex: After (2)


Love Debbie’s request, for darkness
highlights fire. This leaf looks like on fire!
One Word Sunday: fire


DutchGTN asked for fantasy.
Changed the Dutch brown
and creme tower
in Photoshop to “invert”
and adjusted in color balance
with Red and reduced saturation.
A change after my own heart:) DutchGTN


Nadia asked for stylish shoes. There’s only one in the family
keeping up with style, also with
her socks  -that’s my first grand:)


Sky Watch, ABC Wed-Trees


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50 thoughts on “DARKER NOVEMBER

  1. November is the easiest month of my blogging. My mom’s birthday, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, great American Smokeout


    1. Moved here in Los Angeles to do my grad work in psychology. Was not impressed with the first year at the Free university in Amsterdam, that was in the mid eighties. It was hard, because I had 3 children, so not much time to socialize with friends with whom I studied, and of course the language was an issue, and finances, for I chose a private university (it means tuition cost a lot more), but still glad I followed my dream. My youngest brother studied medicine, so I thought, I can get a degree too:)


  2. Gorgeous leaf, and I love how some dark days highlight trees and flowers. I’m glad you included that link to your other page, how creative and interesting the painting and the stairs are to help you with the big ones. I love how you captured movement in the billowing dress. What are you painting in the background of the dance floor? Very cool depth.


  3. Great photos, but they didn’t look very dark to me. Of course, I live in the Pacific Northwest, so maybe that explains it. I enjoyed your beautiful scenes, especially the one that showed you at work on a painting.


  4. Hello, the leaves are beautiful. I love your sky and tree capture. I am not a fan of winter, looking forward to Spring already. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great week ahead.


  5. Hah – you are my soulmate in November feelings 🙂 The most awful month of the year! Luckily one can start to think of Christmas.


  6. Love the Orchids. I would like to try and grow them, but am still considering. Thanks for linking up today.


    1. You would like it, It’s about children who before and after birth died or were killed. For several sources I heard they have a children’s department in heaven, and I once saw the part of people and angels dressing them to go to school.The other part was seen by someone who visited my workshop (now 16 years ago) and asked me if I painted visions of others. At that time I had no grid for it. God worked on my maturity:):)

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    2. 9 x 7 feet, have painted another one that size, and a 10 x 17 feet one. They’re the paintings that that made us move to the country side (to have more space, we could afford). The best present hubs could give me was to make the movable stair case!

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  7. Your studio looks so lovely nestled in the trees, Jesh. I can see that you’re left handed, like me. Two of my children are and one grandchild so far. My mother is, too, as was her mother. Definitely hereditary. I love the vibrancy of that leaf, autumn is my favourite time of year for colour.


    1. Thank you Jean! Moving here to the country side and painting these huge ones, was definitely a big change in our lives. Have not regretted it. Some life changes makes one mature exponentially. This was one. My priorities have – and needed to – change a lot.

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    2. Forgot to respond to left-handedness. They say that the left handers tend to be creative. They also tend to have a shorter life, because of right handers bumping into them, etc. Good that hubby is left handed as well, so we both can grow old:)


    1. Dan you make me laugh – the broccoli is the reflection of the puddle in which you see the “tree in the back, ground” and the “banner” is a 30 x 40 slab of concrete that became the floor of my studio (barn). Look at it again, then you will see it:):)

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    2. Ooooh – that’s my header- there was one little moment I thought you meant that, but immediately rejected it because I had that there already for some time:):( Thanks for solving my conundrum, and black broccoli it is (by the way, am making broccoli soup for dinner today, in honor of you…. lol!)

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  8. I love the action shot of you painting! You’re a leftie – as are both my sons 🙂. From the look of how you are dressed, it appears that your studio can get a bit chilly.


    1. I have perfect (haha) planning, one of the big ones, I was painting at over a 100 degr F, without air conditioning, and this one when it was near zero, but hey I won’t let weather stop me.


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