When we want to reach something, we have to follow a path, to get there, or to arrive.
What makes a painting or other art work stand out above others?
* Variety and meanings on more than one level
* How that meaning is portrayed
* complicated but not out of people’s reach
* unusual rendition of the subject
*passion of the artist for the subject
*touching other subjects than  indicated
*mood, color, mood
For other subjects than art, you can tweak the blue parts of this model for your own interests!


Follow your nose,
the path to good food.
Nothing as tempting as an attractive restaurant door:)
Thurs. Door, Weekend Reflect, Weekly Smile


Follow a shaded path of trees ( Yosemite Nat. Park)
and you may find an interesting view.A painter looks beyond the brown tree trunks and the green leaves.
Photo A Week, Sun Tree



Just something Unique you would like to paint
Oil, 12 x 16 inch, © St Germain
ABC Wed. -U



Follow the smell of flowers
and you may find roses
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD



One Word Photo and Makro Tex both asked for “Home.”
Since we are closer to winter, there would be no
better representation of home for me than the wood
burning stove. It is the heart of the home.
Even miss when it’s not on the rest of the year.


When you look up,
you may know rain may be coming.
Sky Watch, DutchGTN: peace
♦  ♦  ♦

Life without Seasons would be boring

so  join the fun of telling
about your Season in an All Seasons post-
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25 thoughts on “A PATH TO FOLLOW

  1. I miss my woodstove on the RV trip. It’s woodstove fire time back home and I’m not there to sit in front to get the warmth and enjoy the view. In our RV we have a built in propane heater that we use at night. During the day when we have an electrical connection we use a ceramic heater that works pretty well in our small enclosed space. Of course, we haven’t had below freezing temps yet. – Margy


    1. Thank you Riitta! Am surprised, lately people seem to like my small landscapes, better than anything else:) This is in an open air mall, so it’s a whole street full of restaurants, clothing, and other shops:)


  2. We have a wood stove. It is a lot of work, but we love it and I miss it during the warmer months. It provided heat and comfort. Thanks for linking up today.


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