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to the USA-ers!

One of the many things I am thankful for is that we still have a late
changing of the leaves.
Was taking shots of these trees outside a big department store. Heard a voice saying “Oh, taking pictures of the trees. I wouldn’t have thought of that.” I showed this to her on my monitor.

She was surprised, “That looks really good.” I remarked that I heard an accent. She made me guess. “Germany?” “Oh, you’re smart.” Then I told that I had lived in Berlin. “Oh, I never made it there, because the Russians could shoot you whenever they wanted!”

I mentioned that a friend sent us a piece of the Wall (to East Germany – communist territory) when the Wall fell, and Germany became reunited. She said she had three pieces, “but you can’t sell something like that on the internet.” I told her, “Why not try, who knows someone is interested in it, because of the historic significance.”
Because I just made some shots I had this fun conversation, both from another country, with something I had in common with this elderly spry German lady. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for the world. Thankful!

♦  ♦  ♦

Another story of being thankful began with that Hubs and I didn’t like the bathroom of the master bedroom. No tub, but a tiny shower and a toilet that was way too low. The shower too short for my tall hubby, so he made use of the other bathroom.

After his surgery this spring, he started working on what he had before stripped to a wooden box. As usual, he changed water lines, connections for the faucets, etc., but since he’s a master carpenter, I knew it would be redone right. Great we have the same taste! Wanted to give it a floating
feeling, instead of the cramped
bulky wooden look. So the ground tiles are charcoal, and the wall tiles white with a little grey crackle. Tiles were all on sale!

A tub we wanted, for resale purposes,
and see how
high the shower is? Later we will finish it
with a curtain or door.


Vanity with double sinks and brushed nickel faucets – yay,
also for resale purposes. He remade this vanity completely
and put drawers in it, which I LOVE.
Enough space for all my hair, and other make-up stuff and easy accessible!
Still to finish with a mirror from one end to the other.


He made the bathroom a foot bigger, and a  little space was left.
I begged for a towel closet. Guess what?
Both my daughters liked that feature!
It may be s small thing, but for me it’s big. Thankful I can use a bathroom
with features I like!

♦  ♦  ♦



We hang on till the very end …


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  1. A towel closet is a huge value to a bathroom, at least in my book. And, that vanity. Oh-la-la! That’s awesome to have a master carpenter for a husband, and who can also handle plumbing. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jesh!


  2. Remodeling is always a long and difficult process. We did our kitchen and bathrooms a year and a half ago, but we left our tub/shower the way it was. We are in the States so we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the RV. I’ve decided to “cook” deli sliced turkey in a gravy mix served on instant mashed potatoes with frozen peas and canned cranberry sauce. It’s not like what my mom would do in her kitchen every year, but it will be perfect for the two of us on the road staying in a Naval Air Station park. – Margy


  3. Way to go to your husband and I love the towel closet! I wish I had that in my bathroom. Our towels ae stored in another room, so you have to remember to get a towel before you go in the shower.


  4. A towel closet is a huge thing. Right now I’m dealing with cleaning out cupboards to track down a mouse—eek. It’s amazing how much wasted space there is in this kitchen and how there’s no place to put all my pots and pans.
    Hubby must be quite handy. My cousin has been doing this kind of thing for months in her new house but I don’t think she has double sinks. It looks very practical and well designed and I love the tall shower, no one really things about things like that. Hope you had a nice weekend and are having a great Sunday as well.


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