These are good things to me. In no way is this meant as a brag post. I am thankful to have these – they’re undeserved!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the ones in America!

A car, to go anywhere, at the drop of a hat.
This year we went here to visit a blogger in another state.
Thurs. Door, Say Cheese


Or, to see the beautiful mountain views
when driving by.
In the flat below sea level of the
Netherlands I would have to travel
to another country to see this.
Sky Watch, Weekly Smile, Travel Tue: Nevada
ABC Wed: view on mountains


It was so unexpected, when we came to live here,
to have a white and a pink
Dogwood tree. First time ever for
blooming trees in my yard!
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD, Sun Tree


Am thankful that I still am able to extend my skills,
which gives me great pleasure.
The third sweater this year
knitted from the top (neck) to the bottom, instead of the other way
Intarsia is working with a few
colors of yans, layered into
each other to make a Unique pattern:)
One Word Sun, Makro-Tex:color therapy


Am not taking my camera for granted.
Happy to experiment, just for the sake
of another slant on reality.
Standing on the deck, the double
glass of living room window is
shown by the art piece of soapstone
inside,on the bottom
Weekend Reflection,


Another extra is the interaction with nature, like the animals that come Up on our driveway regularly. These turkeys seem to like our house.
Sat. Critter, DutchGTN: glowing


What Season are you gong through?
We like to know!

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  1. Always a nice selection of photos when I visit your blog, Jesh! We do take many things for granted, but like you, I often sit and take stock of all the good things around me and feel a great sense of thankfulness and immense gratitude.
    Thank you for taking part in the “My Sunday Best Meme”.


  2. A great post, Jesh. So much to look at and think about. I am not a knitter, but I do like the look of that jumper – a great pattern! And I hope all those 2-legged visitors to your yard are still there after Christmas 🙂


    1. You must knit a lot? i stumbled on this way of knitting when i bought my first internet pattern (had no idea about this way of knitting at that time). The Pinterest on your side bar has such beautiful designs!


    1. Thank you Yvette. The guys tell you this is not a city:) Thanks, I like especially the blinds in the selfie (call me strange – I look at other things than most, haha, you probably have that too?

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