These are good things to me. In no way is this meant as a brag post. I am thankful to have these – they’re undeserved!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the ones in America!

A car, to go anywhere, at the drop of a hat.
This year we went here to visit a blogger in another state.
Thurs. Door, Say Cheese


Or, to see the beautiful mountain views
when driving by.
In the flat below sea level of the
Netherlands I would have to travel
to another country to see this.
Sky Watch, Weekly Smile, Travel Tue: Nevada
ABC Wed: view on mountains


It was so unexpected, when we came to live here,
to have a white and a pink
Dogwood tree. First time ever for
blooming trees in my yard!
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD, Sun Tree


Am thankful that I still am able to extend my skills,
which gives me great pleasure.
The third sweater this year
knitted from the top (neck) to the bottom, instead of the other way
Intarsia is working with a few
colors of yans, layered into
each other to make a Unique pattern:)
One Word Sun, Makro-Tex:color therapy


Am not taking my camera for granted.
Happy to experiment, just for the sake
of another slant on reality.
Standing on the deck, the double
glass of living room window is
shown by the art piece of soapstone
inside,on the bottom
Weekend Reflection,


Another extra is the interaction with nature, like the animals that come Up on our driveway regularly. These turkeys seem to like our house.
Sat. Critter, DutchGTN: glowing


What Season are you gong through?
We like to know!

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Thanks to All The Hosts!

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    1. I do have my days when it’s a bit overwhelming, but I’ve moved and transitioned to new cultures a lot over the years. I suppose now I know that I will eventually adjust, I just have to wait it out. France is easier than some places I’ve had to adjust to though. Last week, we finished our first semester of french language and I did okay so now I get six weeks of break. I’ll write, enjoy my daughter’s visit, and rest up. Hope you are well!


  1. I love the first shot of that pub, great content with a vintage look to it. The photograph of the mountains is beautiful, could have been taken in Ireland. I’ve never heard of knitting a sweater from the neck down, intriguing.


    1. Thank you Jean. Was visiting Nevada, and on my way to a restaurant that I saw this. These mountains are about an hour away from where I live. Think I’ll never get used to living in a “flat” town or city! With knitting from top to bottom, the changes are immediately in the beginning”neckline and shoulder/sleeves. I had to do the neckline of my first one 8 times over, but I had bought the process of knitting that sweater on-line, so I was determined to finish it! This neckline is much easier.

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  2. The sweater is just gorgeous! What beautiful colors. And I feel the same way…so blessed to have a good car and a camera to take with me everywhere! We are having a mild Fall here in Florida…it was 80 degrees today. Beautiful and sunny! Hugs!


    1. On Thanksgiving day I felt like Canada must be a lot closer than I thought, because by then we had 10 inches of snow. And an unknown neighbor came by to snow plow our driveway, so we could get out to my daughter to celebrate Thanksgiving:) First time in 35 years:)

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    1. Crystal, somehow had not seen your comment till Sunday night. Loved your trip to the Amish market! Wow, well stocked:) Maybe you know this already, but with photography, you can take a camera shot of anything that is in plain sight (also in the street, looking into a building, unless there is a sign “not to take pictures” – often with art). The distillery was interesting to me because I live in an area with many vineyards:) Happy you came by!

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    2. I asked because I am aware that Pennsylvania Amish do not like photos taken of them. I also always ask parents before photographing children, and usually ask before photographing any adult when their face will show. I guess I’m overly polite. 🙂


    1. Riitta, thank you! Can’t remember what I wrote in my email, but on thanksgiving day we had 10 inches of snow, and because of the kindness of an unknown neighbor who snowplowed our driveway, we still could go to our oldest daughter to celebrate. Nest day, went to my middle (adult child) daughter to celebrate another thanksgiving meal:) Am well-fed now, haha.


  3. Hi Jesh, Great post! I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s finally starting to feel like fall here raining and 50’s temps. 🙂 I wish we had some snow. 🙂


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