33 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – DECEMBER 1-6”

  1. It snowed on the Diablo Range in our county, too, but it was gone by late afternoon. That was a sweet surprise. I like your photo of the blue jay who looks like it might be considering a bike ride. 🙂


  2. Yosemite is such a beautiful national park! I have fond memories of it. I had difficulty liking up today. I was told your web site is “not secure” and Linky would not let me use my own photo after many tries? My virus program updated last night and I think it has a stronger firewall, so that maybe the problem?


    1. Oh goodness. It has been a crazy year all around and everywhere! Sorry for you problems linking up, others have similar result:( Hopefully next week everything will run smoothly!


    1. Yes they are -it makes one realize how beautiful nature is, and many things are 100s of years old! Have a beautiful Advent week. In the area where I live now the pay more attention to the Advent weeks than in Los Angeles – I like it – it gives me more preparation of my mind for Christmas

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  3. That’s crazy that you got five inches of snow and they keep warning us but no more snow in awhile so hope yours has melted unless you like it. You’re up north by the mountains, right?


  4. The last time I was in Yosemite was the winter of about 1979. It was a solo trip and I stayed at the Ahwahnee Hotel. It was fun, but as they say it’s the place to stay for the newly wed and nearly dead, not a single woman in her early 30s. Still, I enjoyed walking around in the snow and taking pictures pretending I was Ansel Adams. I did get invited to a party at the park superintendent’s home so it wasn’t all a bust. – Margy


  5. Ah, Yosemite! I never tire of its beauty. We drove by your street on the way to and from Baby Girl’s for Thanksgiving and were surprised by how much snow you had! We’re higher than you in elevation and didn’t get that much. There’s another storm coming and they say we’re in for more snow.

    Stay warm!


  6. Fantastic views Jesh! El Capitain looks majestetic and also dangerous, I would not have the courage to even try. Those trees are also stunning – what a great natural park!


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