Should have known that with a sky like this something was coming up!
Sky Watch


Yet all seemed at rest after the sky colors faded. The reflection of the railing of the
stairs (going down) of the deck you see here.
Weekend Reflection


(Two days ) before Thanksgiving the rain turned to snow. Since
we expected it to melt before the night was over, I took this shot with enough snow. This means you can’t see that ( left side of the gazebo ) the front wicker pattern, is a gate. (half door!)
Thurs. Door, ABC Wed.:World


We were so glad that at least there was not fog (mist)


Thought Norm would like to see a door he could see:)
Thurs. Door, Weekly Smile



To see what the cross on my studio door would look like.


It’s a different beauty than flowers in the summer
we saw planted on a side border
of In-n-Out Hamburgers in Folsum, CA,
but each season has its beauty!
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD, Tue Travel


As well as the new beginnings
of a life on earth.


Debbie at One Word Sunday asked for Overlap, and Say Cheese
Not to mention, my thankfulness Hubs was strong enough to create this view, after his surgery. The story of this snow drama you can read here.


No one was more surprized Hubs had to shovel snow the second day (here, the beginning), since the snow on Thanksgiving day (biggest celebration in the USA, after Christmas!) was now 10 inches thick. Several calls to my daughter “we might not make it!” Thanks to an unknown neighbor with a snow machine, who Hubs met at the mail boxes around the corner, he had to get out for a celebration too. He was so kind to snow plow our half circle driveway! So we could be in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with our oldest daughter and family.


Wouldn’t it be fun to share your December thoughts, plans, experiences with us?

all you need is link One image between Sunday and Friday


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  1. So lovely to see the snow, Jesh! There is always something extra festive about snow falling around the major holidays of the year. As if the dusting of white adds a special sweetness and contentment, like icing sugar on a freshly baked cake.
    Thank you for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme.


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