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A new appreciation for your patience, and graciousness, in putting up with the technological problems of linking up last week! Your interesting and beautiful posts were doubly worth it in the busy month of December!

Already in the mood? Have started gathering  the wish lists of the grands:)


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After the link up drama’s of last week, I thought to develop this theme more, because I did personally not have a link up drama, but several other little ones. They happened all around  last week’s Thanksgiving, and it probably will turn out to be the most memorable in our life’s history!

PS. The Featured image at the end is a diagonal rendition of the metal cross  on the studio door, on snow day number 1.

Me thinks this leaf didn’t expect to lay on a bed of snow the next day! Boohoo, it sobbed and cried, now I’m left alone in the cold. Who’s going to rescue me now?


When I lived in the city, I had no idea that a fallen tree could mean “drama.” or a minor trauma.

When a 60 foot tree Falls … it’s one thing … it also means power outage, because the tree fell on the power line …At that time, we were in the city, one and a half hour away, and got a phone call from one of our neighbors.
“My electricity is off!
It’s your tree!!”
Thankful that the electrical Dept.
sprung this time into gear right away!


When a big tree falls while snow is
on the ground,
there’s just one thing to do …
wait till spring,
and put up with that diagonal mess of needles laying across
the front yard for a few months!


Eventually Spring came, so at least the top and  needles could be taken off.

Another wait till the wood had dried enough (summer), it could be cut and carried (a living tree has much water inside, which makes it too heavy to carry). Lucky to have a hubby strong enough to slice the 60 feet one at last, like a sausage – for next winter:)

Hope this will be the last drama for a while!




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  1. Do trees often fall with the weight of snow? I guess they do if they are old. Oh well, at least you got a supply of wood for the fire. I love your image of the leaf in the snow. I will enjoy all your snowy pictures from the heat of summer here in Australia, where the eastern part of the country is on fire. Have a wonderful week and thank you again for the link up.


  2. Oh dear – the storms & winds have such powerful & frightening strenght! A few years back we had a strong storm and many old spruces & pines fell down in the neighbourhood. We got no damage, but a giant spruce fell down near a neighbour’s house, touching only a bit their roof. If the tree had been standing one meter nearer to the house the damage would had meen big.


  3. A fallen tree can do all kinds of damage. Sounds like you missed having a terrible disaster. I know what you mean about wet wood being heavy. If we pull logs out to they lake they may be old enough to be cured, but saturated with water that has to drain out and dry. – Margy


  4. Boy talk about making lemons out of lemonade and since I’m off sugar, fireplace logs are even better. I laughed at the idea of a surprised leaf buried in snow. I had pictured them making snow angles and having a grand time blowing around the lawn when it snowed on Halloween.


  5. Snow certainly gives us the opportunity for capturing beautiful photos – you did well. I’m glad the tree didn’t hit your house. As it sits, yeah, it can wait until spring. It might even make a home for a few animals and birds.


    1. Hi Deborah, I was quite (pleasantly) surprised about my first Christmas card! Am glad they put it in our mailbox, since my last name in not Coevorden:) – many thanks!
      You know when it happened, possible damage from that tree did not even occur to me! Maybe because “safety” is a part of my regularly prayer:)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Not a trauma we are used to over here. But then we do get our own traumas when we have only an inch of snow! I’ll be back with my All Seasons soon – I’m off to find some snow!


  7. the cross is beautiful and now I know why I see some tree slices sitting for a while – to let them dry a bit. and the trees in the photo with the stacked slices – well they are so artsy – love the wavy lines


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