To take the opposite of the 2020 sharpness, thought to change the focus here on “not clear, unfocused, undefined,” in one or another way.

Doors in the dark! All the inside and outside
lights obliterate
the lines of these doors, but
still, definitely two doors.
Thurs Door


Changing the focus to blurry in bringing out
the simplicity and beauty of flowers
One Word Sun: change, FOTD, Floral Fr Foto,


The red is of a Koi fish swimming to the surface
Weekend Reflection


The grands like to go to Mikuni’s (Japanese restaurant) on their birthday,
because they get to handle
the spinning wheel for a gift!
One Word Sunday: Watching change





After than they can figure out our transportation problems


This Christmas I was finally decorating my house  on Christmas eve, so I kept the decor a little longer. Soon though they are put back in a box till next year. Have never done an orange still life, but it’s on request of Makro Tex.


Sky Watch, Sun Tree, Sun Best
Often I consider pink  as “undeveloped,”  a color, being  a watered down, or sloppy version of red.


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  1. Wonderful photos Jesh. My favourites are the blurred white flower & the orange decorations! Happy weekend.


  2. The spinning wheel for the birthday is such a great idea. Love that koi and the pond. Thank you for linking up and have a great weekend.


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