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Are you excited to enter a new decade? Can’t wait what kinds of things will be developing in your country and fro you individually. The green grass has a  promising look!


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What’s the big deal about green? In a great part of California, where a desert climate reigns, lush green which means life, started appearing around New Year, accompanied by a timid watery sun..


Much earlier than previous years!  Am particularly aware of it, because in the Netherlands, my country of origin, the grass is always green! I didn’t know anything else, until coming to California where it showed brown hills for most of the year!

Now, also the bare starts making place for leaves.


In not too long, shade will return to be an asset


The Waterlilies come back to life


And soon these lilies will bloom on this tree.
Except for the first image, all were captured in Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena.


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  1. Huntington Library is so beautiful! I especially love your photo of the lily pads. You remind me I should visit again, as it’s been years. One thing I notice about Southern California is that we do have evergreens and palms. So in the winter, it is greener here than, say, New York City. I enjoyed your lovely photos!


    1. Thank you Sharon. When we lived there, we went several times a year, since we are an hour closer to it than you in San Diego! The trees may be green, but I live in the country side, where there is a lot of brown grass:)


  2. We grew up in Eastern Washington State which is desert-like, so am used to brown hills. When we first moved to western Oregon it was green all year, but in the last few years there has not been as much Winter rain and in summer things get very dry. That’s not good.


  3. Dearest Jesh,
    Yeah, that is such a drastic change from living in The Netherlands, versus the USA.
    Georgia or California, doesn’t change this green grass aspect and it has always bothered me for having to stare at dead grass for 3 months each year.
    In this instance, yes the grass IS always greener on the other side of the fence (Ocean)…
    But time is racing on pretty fast and soon enough we will see the first leaves budding out and more and more each day!


  4. Dear Jesh,
    Your green hills & waterlilies are splendid. We have green lawns at the moment, too – can you imagine… I wish we get a bit of snow. Thank you for hostiung, wishing a good new week.


  5. I think when you live in California you get a new appreciation for green because when it is green California takes on a whole new life. I remember as a child how incredible areas like Pasadena looked when spring arrived or the smell of orange blossoms in Moore Park. My husband was just in San Diego last week and I think California sold it’self to him.


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