In anticipation of a snow, or rain storm today, it’s storming now, the tall trees are dangerously swaying back and forth, but at 12:20 pm it turned to snow. I am prepared:)

In a matter of hours my door
will look like this.
Thurs. Door


With a reflection like this
Weekend Reflection


Too cold in my 16 foot high studio. Even though a bigger
wood stove is burning.
Fairly new to me , because the years
in Southern California were without
snow and never this cold.


No problem for me to paint in the living room! I have never enough time to paint all the projects  on my list.


No flowers in the snow, but the white “color” fits with it
Floral Fri Foto, FOTD



No pears either, but in preparation for a painting
Makro-Tex: fruit



Included in change my painting space,
a very different subject (snow!)
from my usual choice for a 16 x 20 canvas.
. Like that the snow makes the curves
in the branches and trunks
of the two rows of trees in front
of the house more visible.
Still need to finish oil painting with
an attention grabber for the foreground,
like a mailbox,
or a child pulling a sleigh
One word Sunday curve, Sun Tree


At 4 pm our house and trees look like this, and it’s still snowing. Meanwhile, am holding the fort, waiting for the time
I can get back to the studio
Sky Watch, Trees DutchGTN


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