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Being surrounded by animals regularly is normal, when one lives in the country. Not only seeing them at farms you drive by, but being in your yard, to eat leaves and flowers,
climbing your trees, or digging in your soil.
You know I’m a city person, but these animals kind of grow on you.

One time we were both standing in front of our garden windows, and had already noticed
beforehand that several vultures had been circling our yard.
We thought there must be a dead animal around. As we were standing there, an army of Blue Jays swooped down to the California Oak with much noise!
What in the world was going on?

The Blue Jays positioned themselves next to each other on some branches. You could tell this was not their usual neighborhood chat. They were on a mission –  just seconds before a  much bigger vulture, planning to have a “snack” in the oak tree (we thought it might be some bird babies in a nest there) was scared off by the brazen loud Blue Jays!

We both were delighted to see this successful rescue mission! You might be little, but together you are a force, and bigger nastiness has to escape:):)


What you learn on the country side is to attend to minute or subtle changes. During the New Years season some of the grass began to be green, while the brown was still there, which gave it a confused checkered effect:)
Here, some of it, further away still brown, and on left more in foreground green. Sorry it was a drive by, so little blurry.


The week before the snow, it was warm enough for the horses and cows to be outside. Happy for them. Am missing the green -always a little bit better than white!

The least of all the beasts seen on the meadows we pass, are the sheep, in smaller herds.


Cows we pass more often. It seems this year there are more brown cows than previous years. Some of these captures are not the best, because the country road we are driving on, is at times so narrow, that two cars cannot even pass each other. There is only a ditch, no side of the road, lol!


The deer, often in groups,  we see most frequent, and I see some antlers growing on this one! These animals city people have the most questions about.

These are night animals. Do not be afraid of them, they won’t attack you. They are the ones who are afraid of you! Especially the little ones, they run away as fast as they can when seeing you /a human being for the first time. When they come on your path, keep walking (slowly, without sudden movements), and pretend they are not there, and look away.
The only time you need to be more careful is when you come upon a large group of males in “heat” time. Just remember, they see you as coming on their territory. Behave like a guest:)

One time I came out of the studio, and when I closed the door, I suddenly found myself surrounded by at least fifteen deer within arm’s reach.

They were as startled as I was, to have 15 pairs of eyes in my direction:) It took me a few seconds to compose myself and started walking toward the stairs in the direction of the back door. while summing a song. Then they knew everything was okay and slowly started moving too.

Their hearing is excellent. They hear the click of your camera from many feet away. So if you like to photograph them, do it as soon as possible, because they are a master in disappearing before you realize they have gone.


For the past two years we have seen more and more turkeys.


Oh, and not to forget, the squirrels, always cracking some nut:)


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  1. All your wildlife is just delightful, Jesh! I would love to have all these wild creatures in my yard and so close. We do have rabbits and quail. They drive my puppy crazy! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  2. Certainly one of the wonderful things about living in the country are the animals, Jesh! Even though I live in a big city, there are thankfully enough large areas of parkland where one may encounter a large array of flora and fauna.


  3. I think one of the nicest things about living in the country must be seeing nature. Last week we visited my elderly aunt on the south coast, and she had a host of small birds singing and flitting around her garden. So beautiful. Have a fabulous week and thanks again for the link up.


  4. We walk out into the wetlands very early when it is still very dark. It is exciting to see the reflections of tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) pairs of eyes. We cannot forget that we are surrounded by living things which share and contribute to the quality of our lives.


  5. Love all your birds and beasts. There is one dangerous thing about deer (for them and for us) and that’s if you are driving at night and don’t see one until it jumps out in front of your car. When we lived at the Lake out in the country we learned to keep a careful eye out … never had an accident thankfully, but were startled more than once by their sudden appearance in our headlights. …Thank you for hosting and sharing your beautiful “neighbors.”


    1. Have tried to reach your blog several times, but it the old song of the blank page, so am getting back to you with this for now:) When I lived in the city, I saw an occasional bird, not even squirrels, so this is called an adventure, lol! Many thanks for linking, Debbie, and have a nice upcoming week!


  6. Living in a suburban area surrounded by more homes, I see birds, an occasional squirrel, alas no deer or turkeys. I’d love that!


  7. Wild Turkeys have become commonplace here in recent years. We had a lot of snow overnight so they will have their challenges this morning as they go about the job of finding food.


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