On YouTube there was an artist showing how to mix the color Indigo.  She dipped her brush in water, then mixed it with the black on her palette and said,
“this is indigo.” I was horrified!

So off to Blick (art store) I went, to get a tube of Indigo.
The store did not sell it anymore, but told me Indigo is a mix/layers of
Payne Grey,
Raw Sienna (not orange, but closer to Ochre), and Cobalt Blue (not any blue!). A vibrant color instead of watered down black.

Needed Indigo because it is one of the colors of the rainbow sky
in my 3rd big painting (9 x 7 feet) “The Red Line.”
Excited when Blick’s instructions worked.
( – scroll all the way to the end, and click on the post “The Red Line”)
Or,  press the three horizontal lines –
top right, which also gives you the link.

Showing Indigo is NOT a watered down black, gives me the opportunity
TO CONSIDER another misconception.

Have a Masters degree in Psychology and Religion (if you wonder why in the world I address this subject). I wouldn’t have, but has to do with my painting the Red Line.


© Oil, 9 x 7 feet, The Red Line, St Germain
Makro-Tex: Stripes in the sky

If  you believe God is the Creator
it means you view children as a gift from God.
Not only when it’s comfortable,
the right time,  or beneficial to you.

It is a MISCONCEPTION that abortion
has to do with standing up
for yourself ( slavery has long gone
from the Western world).

Now, women have rights.
They can become anything,
even a president, or marry anyone. It has become hypocritical
for 90 %, to abort “because” sex was forced upon
them. Women DO have a choice!


If this child would grow up to be a potato -or apple peeler, would it not be worth saving her life?
PhotoAWeek, One Word Sunday: plastic

What you may not know: abortion is in essence “child sacrifice!”
Child sacrifice is as old as the god Ba-al has been around, (when the Bible was written 2000 years ago).
Killing a baby is child sacrifice.

While painting the  9  x 7 feet “the Red Line,”
it became more and more clear
that when a child is killed, we also squash the PURPOSE of that child.
A child is one from conception on. Not just a layer of tissue –  “it”-  is a person,
till he or she is born.

Floral Fri Foto, FOTD,*

If  the opportunity has been given
for a child to live,
he or she can become a lawyer,
a doctor, a farmer,
a techie, a builder, a nurse, a firefighter.
Who would think of trampling the little bud of
what is now this stunning Camellia?

Since the movie “Unplanned”
(hope that is the title!) came out
half a year after I had painted the Red Line,
public opinion started changing.
I could not be happier!

Okay to agree or disagree. This is the more serious side of life, but I cannot live with lies or hypocrisy, and pretend
its not there.
With an opposite opinion,
please be civil and fair

If you have had an abortion, ask God for forgiveness, and he forgives you!
Aborted children go to heaven (you can kill the body, but not a person’s spirit. A number of people have seen them in dreams or visions in heaven)


Reflection in the river, next to the lunch area in Yosemite Nat. Park
Weekend Reflection


Downtown Santa Barbara. It may be a blind (aka fake) door, but it’s cute and unusual, next to these arches.
Sky Watch, Tue Travel



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19 thoughts on “THE COLOR INDIGO

  1. Ah yes, indigo is a beautiful colour, sitting proudly on the colour wheel. Now we tend to make it from a mix of colours, as you say, to imitate the original, which came from Indigofera tinctoria.


  2. As I’ve really never done much art at all, did not know that about Indigo or that you could no longer just buy the color premixed. Your words ring so true regarding Abortion. I feel that we are born for a reason and a purpose; whether a large purpose or minimal, but our footprint on this Earth is important. Some not born could be ones that would have made a big difference.


  3. So blessed to have had so many infants in my care the last 29 years! I can’t fathom what goes through young womens minds. In retrospect, one of the best things I’ve passed down to my daughters is the value of life. Preach it sister!


    1. Thank you Kathy for speaking your mind:) To be feel free to do this, in this day and age of mainstream that wants in their fear of “public” opinion to keep everything that sounds different under wraps, is a breath of fresh air! How did you care for infants? Were you a nurse, or similar job?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’ve been a licensed home childcare provider these past years and still going strong.. or at least going some days ha Thankful for each and every one of them!


  4. I truly, truly appreciate your thoughts today, not only on color, but life thoughts as well. Thank you for linking up today and always.


  5. This post may not make you popular, but as they say, “Preach it, sister!!” The list of people who might have been aborted but whose mothers chose life is long and wonderful, even children conceived from rape. 🙂 I believe in choice–before you get pregnant. How many people said, “Oh, we’re having a fetus?” Said no one ever. You either have a child the entire time or not. A fetus doesn’t magically morph into a child when s/he hits the air. And anyone killing a baby once it’s born? Can’t even go there. That definitely stretches me as a Christian who should pray for everyone. But I would also never hate anyone because they got an abortion (not saying you said that.)

    Love your painting as well, BTW.



    1. Thanks Janet for speaking your mind, and not be silent:)
      Yeah, I know this does not make me popular – am feeling like a John the Baptist when I bring up these subjects. But then, if I do it for one or two people to see the error of their ways, it has been worth my battle to post this! Very well put that a foetus does not somehow magically morph into a child! Funny, just this morning I accidentally opened my Bible in Matthew about preventing children to come to God, that it would have been better for these to be drowned with a stone. Strong language.

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