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You might know that half of the country
of Holland was won from the sea. Still there is
a lot of water, and people have found ways to live with it, or
circumvent life without fins
or ones feet getting wet!


The animals created for water, have no care in the world!


How do people get around? Of course, there are boats. In only place in Holland though –
Giethoorn – people have a row boat by their
front door. Actually, this is the patio of
a lunch place, but it’s the same
for the residences in this town.


Some years ago, we had a day with a blogger (Wil Wouters) in Holland, who lived in a town (Krimpen aan de IJssel) at a river.

She wanted to show us the mills at Kinderdijk (more than 13, top), but  we needed to cross a wide body of water (too wide for a row boat)! She had bought a ticket for us, and here we stood … waiting for traffic to pass.


They made room for us. Then we went onto our means of transportation: bikes, people, cars, and even an ice-cream-bike!


Our turn, to go on the ferry to Kinderdijk! (image is a repost, but it is the actual ferry we went on). As you can see not only bikes, but also cars.

In my childhood I lived in Zeeland, which was a province full of peninsulas. By the time I was ten,
I went with the ferry by myself, to visit friends,
who lived “on the other side.”

Without knowing, this blogger had chosen something that had been a fun experience
in my childhood.

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27 thoughts on “ALL SEASONS – WATER LAND

  1. It is my dream to visit Netherland someday. The photo of the windmill and the duck behind the grass looks so beautiful. Ferry rides are fun. I love them, the view and the cool breeze is always so refreshing.

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  2. I bet Holland has an incredible history, I should make a point of learning more since two (you’re nbr one of course) of my favorite bloggers are from there.
    About the stealing of my credit card info, I wanted to let you know because I think they got information from my Word Press site which is the only place I used the email address they used to set up that Pay Pal account.
    I’ve been very preoccupied with my mother so haven’t had time to do more than one post a week and since it’s the linky one can’t link to you. I almost walked out with two packs of chicken thighs today at the grocery store because she takes up so much of my head space.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and did I ever tell you one of my first jobs was riding an ice cream bike and selling popsicles and ice cream bars? It was not as nice as the one you showed and the brakes were usual out, lol.


    1. Jeanna, it sounds like you need a break of taking care of your mom – even if it’s for one day! Whoa, never met someone who had that job with an ice cream job – kinda dangerous without brakes, lol!


  3. Dearest Jenniefer; I AM happy to see your great time with the blogger friend and enjoyed the scenery of your country which has truly different one from ours ♪ Made me wish to visit some day if I can -;)
    And Thank you very much for hosting, from Japan.
    Love and hugs; Miyako*


  4. I loved my time in Holland, Jesh. Your photos have brought back many happy memories. Our mail gets delivered if we say “Holland”. Like you, I find “Netherlands” too formal 🙂


  5. I hope to visit the Netherlands one day! When I lived in Brooklyn, NY we were surrounded by much history from the early Dutch era of New Amsterdam.


  6. Oh! You met Reader Wil! I used to read her blog. Do you know whatever happened to her? … we loved our visit to Kinderjick last summer and wished we could have spent more time there (it was our last cruise stop).


  7. Too bad the Dutch didn’t live in Venice. They would have solved the problem with the sea coming in years ago!


  8. I loved to see your photos from the Netherlands. As you know, we have a lot of lakes in Finland. We used to have a lot of ferries circulating, but nowadays many of them have been compensatd with steady bridges. By no means all of them, though. Wishing a lovely Sunday!


  9. I’m a pedantic Brit, and I always insist on Netherlands too 🙂 🙂
    And I’m off there in a few days. I’m popping over to Rotterdam on Eurostar to see how it has changed since my last visit which would have been around 1988. I’m expecting to be totally lost and surprised.


  10. When I learnt about the canals etc in Holland in Primary School I thought it sounded really cool. Unfortunately we haven’t been there, but it does look cool. There is a place in South Australia on the Murray River where you cross your cars by barge back and forth over the river. We went on a day trip one day when we were over there and I made my husband go over ever barge I could find, just because I thought it was so much fun! Have a great week. It is Australia Day here in Australia today.


  11. Dearest Junieper,
    Holland is not a country but just one of two of its Provinces… Try mailing some parcel out to ‘Holland’ it will end up straight back to you as it is NOT correct. The Netherlands is the country and North and South Holland are but two Provinces just like North and South Dakota or North and South Carolina are States of the U.S.A. but it is NOT the USA…
    Haha, can’t help but bring this up!
    LOVE those typical Dutch life photos and oh, in Limburg we also went by Ferry across the River Meuse. Still there is a ferry going. Also husband Pieter went by Ferry across the River in Gelderland… It is so much part of LIFE.
    Thanks for showing these photos.


    1. I can see there is still much Dutch left in you, lol! It has to be precise, other wise it’s not good:) Guess I have taken over the sweeping statements they make in the USA. Also, I think I can get away with it, because “everyone” – meaning “not Dutch,” calls the Netherlands “Holland.” Actually I like it also, because the Netherlands sounds kinda stiff to me. Yes, it’s so much a part of life in the Netherlands, and I cannot even remember one time I’ve gone on a ferry in the USA. Thanks for this convesation, you’re still my Dutch friend, lol!

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