Arrived at Lake Tahoe. The blogger who brought us here, was so smart to have a blanket in the car. It was in August, but only 50 degrees, with a cutting wind!



Actually in sequence this capture of my blogger friend belongs more toward the end, but thought
she would make a great intro!



Trees at the bottom, and rocks at the top at the bottom.  Perfect! Do you know why I like it?



This detail on the bottom I would select for a plein air painting!


No flowers on this whole trip, so this comes from my archives,
from our last trip in Holland, have no idea of the name,
but this little soft one reminded me on fritilatari spelling??)
Capture of hubby. When my Dutch friend Mariette saw this, she helped me out.
It is the Chinese Lantern plant! Thank you Mariette!
Floral Fri Foto, Makro Tex-soft, FOTD


I maybe wrong but I think the builders of this
house sign meant the doors to be symmetric!
An “A” (grade) for trying:):)
One Word Sunday: symmetry, Weekly Smile


This was a more green-ish lake, but still stunning
Sunday Tree



On the side of our restaurant, this stately house
caught the attention.
Thurs. Door



Surprise, several reflection – this one was
the nicest. A drive by- sorry a little blurry.
Weekend Reflection


The way back was even more stunning, since we knew what to expect along the road
Sky Watch, Thankful Thurs.



Such fun to share your experience with others!

Photo link open from Sunday to Friday noon, Pacific time


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